Anal Beads - Nine Kinds Of Vibration Frequency Lover

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To release oneself in sex is a kind of relaxation, to reach climax is to enter heaven! Everyone in the bed can freely release the wildness of their nature without restraining their sexual charm. You can even act as a sexual partner in multiple roles!

How to be a perfect lover? And how to become glamorous in bed? Men or those who play male roles in homosexual relationships always like to fascinate partners, so that they can arouse their desire for sex and conquest. They always want their partners to have a variety of styles, which will bring them different excitement.

If you don't know how to change more in bed, you can use some sex toys. For example, for lesbians, a dildo can make you look more male attractive, and it can help you release your sexual charm during sex. And the prostate massager can both stimulate the prostate and your partner's sexual interest so that both of you can reach orgasm quickly.

Explore the fun of beads

If you are keen on backdoor games, anal beads seem to be a very suitable gift for everyone.  This toy is very friendly to both novices and experienced people. Its size gives it magical powers.There are different sizes of the anal bead, that is to say, it has any size you want. Gay anal beads are a very popular toy among gay boys. It helps them achieve the pleasure of penetration and the desire for male conquest.

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The process of inserting anal beads into or taking them out is fun, and it's often incredible. The rectum is full of nerve endings, and insertion or removal stimulates this love channel. This stretch can give people a stimulating and pleasant feeling.

Nine kinds of vibration frequency lover 

Imagine you and your partner making love in bed on a night of thunder and lightning. The sound of a strong thunderstorm makes you want to make sex a little more fancy. So your partner pushes a vibrating anal bead into your anus, and he remotely controls the little toy. You change positions as the frequency of the vibrations change.

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You are sometimes soft, sometimes hot, sometimes dominant. Your partner is fascinated by your changes. So you start a super long marathon in bed. The sounds of thunder and lightning mixed with your gasps make the night exciting and unforgettable! A lover with versatile style can tether your lover's soul and his organs!

This anal bead by sohimi is a creation goes beyond the ordinary. It is a creation with nine vibration frequencies. The nine vibration modes seem to represent different types of lovers.

9 vibration frequency


From low gear to ramp gear, different lovers have different personalities, or gentle, or spicy, or dominant. If you want to experience a sense of schizophrenia in bed to bring the excitement, then you will definitely see a different version of yourself. Nine different types of lovers create nine different kinds of sexual pleasure from their partners!

Low mode gentle lover – Cupid

If you want to use words to describe such a lover, Cupid is more than appropriate. Such he has a pair of pure white wings and pure and flawless eyes. He is a gentle, handsome and dashing god of love. This elegant man conveys his love for you, exuding a different kind of charm brought by hormones, giving you gentle but not overpowering sex

That feeling hazy and with beauty, always in the invisible tantalize your soul. He will gently put you on the bed and undo your clothes. Then he will gently kiss your lips, put the most precious piece of himself into your love channel, and then smile and say to you, "Does this hurt?" 

Medium mode handsome lover - Adam

On top of a gentle base of strength, have you found your Adam? Before he met you, Eve, he was alone and lonely. So after the encounter, he had life and vitality. He was embarrassed to ask you to forgive him for his slight recklessness in sex because he was really excited. Because he met you, his world changed from the loneliness of the single world to wonderful. But he remains gentle and strong, he always considers your feelings, so he always masters the strength. You are exploring the Eden of sex together and enjoying the fantasy world inside together.

High mode energetic lover - Apollo

Fire-like men are extremely masculine. It is the dream of all women to have a man like Apollo in Greek mythology. As the god of the sun, he has his own aura of passion and fire. Apollo is also a gentleman, he is the most beautiful and handsome man of all the gods.

Apollo and anal beads


In sex, a lover like Apollo is always like a furnace that makes his partner's body hot and confused. You can see his drops of sweat and hear his low panting. He will gently suck your earlobes or lightly kiss your neck, while increasing the intensity of his body. Your body will respond to his large movements and you will become one, immersed in a sun-like heat of pleasure

Pulse mode sweet lover - Leonardo

This is a man who is very characteristic in his sexuality and he is unique. He is like a lover like Leonardo, with a long beard, mature and stable. He doesn't seem to lose his temper and always has a smile on his face. He will be considerate of his lover and take care of his partner's feelings during sex. With him, you will not feel pain during sex. He is like a long-distance runner who keeps moving at an even pace in order to maintain his strength. He is not considered a fierce man, because his intensity is not enough to bring his partner to an instant orgasm. 

Leonardo and black beads


But he is a very sweet and warm man, because he takes care of his partner's feelings. The partner can enjoy relaxing foreplay and sex under his attentive care. After sex, they do not feel very tired. They cuddle together after sex and spend quality time together.

Fluctuation mode ruler lover - Zeus

Zeus had many lovers and wives. In mythology he is the master of the world and no one can guess what he will do. Men with power like Zeus, the king of the gods, always have strong sexual needs and sexual confidence because they are confident enough to handle different women. They are even a bit temperamental, with their personalities sometimes high and sometimes low. Such a personality is inscrutable. But in sex, being unpredictable can be an exciting point. If this is your style, then you must want to have Zeus general partner. You can feel his different style in sex. This is a great partner for you who wants to increase your sexual experience.

Fading mode advanced lover - Beckham

Hey man, you've met an experienced lover. Beckham is the idol of many gay boys. He once revealed that "I'm like a beast in bed". Beckham's sexy and fit body has attracted the attention of many people. Many people fantasize about having sex with such a wild and energetic partner!

Beckham and anal beads


They seem to be naturally skilled in sex! Sex for such a experienced man is a million rises and falls. He lets you feel him gradually increase his intensity and then peak, as if you were riding a roller coaster that gradually reaches its peak and then swoops back down. Then he gradually slows himself down again to give you a brief moment of relaxation. As he will again prepare for another round of sprint. He has this ability to control his speed! With him you will always feel the excitement of a roller coaster ride!

Bounce mode energetic lover – Spiderman

This is a lover who is as energetic as Spider-Man. Spider-Man is always jumping from one building to another, he is handsome and has great bouncing power. This means that he is always full of energy with you and never gets tired.

Your sex is always like bouncing, and that's because of him! He will explore your love tunnel so deeply that you feel as if he is jumping in it. When you make love, he will bring you along with him to jump to his beat with intensity. It stimulates your G-spot and you seem to be so active forever!

Massage mode patient lover - Justin Bieber

Do you want to find a perfect lover like Justin Bieber? Listen to your own heart, you must have your heart set on Justin Bieber. He is such a gentleman, cheerful and lively. A man like Bieber is mesmerizing because he is romantic and thoughtful. This is a classy gentleman who is considerate of his partner during sex and who understands the hard work of your busy day. If you say to him, "Darling, what a day, I'm so tired. But I really want to make love with you." He will smile slightly and kiss you on the lips. Then he will be ready to let you relax during sex.

justin bieber and anal beads


So he puts red roses on the side of the bed, puts on aromatherapy and turns on music. He then gently carries you to bed and gently undresses you. He says to you, "Honey, don't be nervous, I'll be very gentle." Then you feel a warmth enter your body, strong but not reckless. He kisses your earlobes, neck and breasts as if he is giving you a five-star full body massage. The release of sexual desire and the relaxation of stress takes place simultaneously in this moment.

Ramp mode fierce lover - Hulk

"Oh, this is so fucking annoying, this sexual experience is so boring." Boring sex is a disaster, let this Hulk style boyfriend save you. He is brave and tall in appearance and extremely powerful. His personality is sometimes calm and sometimes angry, and he is obsessed with the thrill of conquering his partner while also loving the chase.

But having a bdsm with him is a wonderful experience! He will say to you, "Fuck, you are so seductive in this outfit, let me teach you!" He will make you feel the stormy sex. He'll whip you with a small whip, put a collar on your head, and he'll probably call you "bitch". This is the ultimate sex!

Unleash your passion

This anal bead will allow you to seamlessly switch between nine types of lovers. Do you want an abundance of sexual styles? Then this anal bead is sure to be perfect for you! Single women also do not have to worry about their sexual desires that have nowhere to be released, this is a perfect anal beads for women. You can also find other great anal toys  here! 

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It's not necessary to find nine different styles of boyfriends to satisfy your curiosity, this anal bead can easily do that! Whether you want gentle, violent, lively, or seductive, you've got it all here!


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