Hot! Is Eliza hands-free male masturbator really worth buying?

Hot! Is Eliza hands-free male masturbator really worth buying?

When it comes to asking a man “when did you start your masturbation?”, theymay not answer directly you but give a mysterious smile. According to the scientific research: the age of male masturbation is generally after their 12-year- old, as with the development of gonad which results in the strong sexual impulse, most adolescent boys feel pleasurable satisfaction when they touch or stimulate their penis, actually, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, do not treat it like a monster.

However many people start their masturbation with their hands, if you ask an adult male "do you have a girlfriend?”, they may answer “no, but I have my right or left hand?”. Many men may profess themself as a master of masturbation that think they are the person who knows their penis best and please it with hand to more stimulation and joy. But did you really enjoy the process when you have your hand-job masturbation? Have you ever try to use a masturbator to get your orgasm? Trust me, it is a totally different experience.

What’s the different effects between doing a handjob and a male masturbator?

Though you guys have been accustomed to handjob masturbation, you may don’t know how it harmful to your health, as the long-time hand-using may lead to premature ejaculation. While it is convenient for people to use hands, it can boost the intensity and pleasure with the use of best male masturbator which may make a contribution to the extension of your playtime,empowering your ‘fighting force’.

Sometimes, I don’t know what the other people’ feeling , but it would be a little self-hatred and psychological depression when I just finish masturbation with my hands. But by using male masturbator whose realistic touching brings me a satisfactory feeling that I just have accomplished a perfect and fantastic sex with someone. After getting a marvelous orgasm with a male masturbator, you will addict to the feel. Moreover, even you have had many times masturbation with your hands, there still many unexploited but funny tricks when you do your autoeroticism. That’s one reason why the current sexual product market is quickly booming.


Factors you should consider when buy a male masturbator.

And after reading the above-mentioned hazards hand-job may bring you, you must feel a little interested in male masturbator. However, there comes many questions when you choose a most suitable sex toy for yourself, as there are thousands of male masturbators in the adult toy market. Especially, if you are a green hand. But I must say you are a so lucky, as a master of male masturbator, ok, it’s a bit overstatement I admit, but I am really experienced in this field.

Of course, there are many factors effect me whether I buy a sex toy or not. First of all, I’d prefer to buying a products from some big and famous company, don’t think I am blindly chasing ‘famous brand effect’, it’s just when you buy a masturbator from an unknown company,you will know how difficult connect the after-sale service when your product breaks down. Second, I would like a automatic male masturbator than a masturbator by hand, because I am a lazy men. Last but not the least, the design of a male masturbator, for example, its modes, its materials, its size...... You may think I am really a picky men, yep, I agree with that. But as a male masturbator can accompany me for a long time, and touch me with no distance, it’s of vital importance for me to choose the most fitting masturbation toy.

The best-seller Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator.

Recently, honestly-speaking, one amazing product draws my attention, it has a beautiful name called that Eliza, a hands-free male Masturbator from Sohimi. You may wonder if I am boasting. Of course not, let me show you something more directly understandable numbers. According to the latest statistics from March 25 to April 26, the Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbators totally sold out 16000 a month which means it can sell almost 500 per day, so you can imagine how it is obviously popular with an adult man. However, it doesn’t mean that I am the guy who always buy something only depending on its sale volume, come on! I am also a sensible adult. I must admit this hands-free male masturbator has already met all of my satisfactions. You may be curious about the reason why this unique masturbator beats a variety of male masturbators.

            Eliza- HandsFree Free Male Masturbator

It’s good-looking appearance?

The unique design?

The material?

The functions?

The realistic using feeling?


I could answer you with no exaggeration, it is attributed to concluding all the above features. You may have heard that there are many other male masturbators also have the same features, but as it is said that:"not two leaves are identical in the world", even the masturbators are designed for the same purpose for male masturbation, different companies can produce different male masturbators. So you may be curious about in what ways did Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator are more qualified than the other similar products? Don’t worry, let me give you a detailed comparison from my real using experience.

Why is Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator so well-sale?

                 A manual male masturbator
  • Totally hands-free. Just as I have mentioned above, I am a lazy man, so its important for me to buy a male masturbator completely automatic. I also have used many other flight pilot masturbators, which always makes me exhausted with my hands. While Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator is automatic,differ from much other flight pilot masturbators. There is no need with my hands tightly holding my penis when I enjoy masturbation with this hands-free. 
  • The Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator is so compact,14.5 cm meeting with the standard of most man’s need. Even you think your size is bigger than many people, don’t worry men, 14.5 cm is absolutely enough for you. Only an insertion length of 14.5 cm means there is no other unnecessary space that not only makes a male masturbator a heavyweight but also occupies design space. I  particularly emphasize this because only when you are an a business trip with taking your masturbator you will know how a portable masturbator is important for you.

  • Five different thrusting modes. I must point out I am that type of people who quickly gets tired with a product and always want to some fresh things. So if a male masturbator only with 2 or 3 modes, it is not enough for me, so until now I have many idle male masturbators. But this Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator,a total winner comparing with other products of the same type that only two or three suction modes. I can enjoy different modes according to my mood or my daily needs like you are wearing different clothes every, so I always get fresh feeling every time I switch the modes instead of quickly being tired with the boring and simplex mode. Especially when I am overwhelming stressed by the daily work or study want to more fierce impulse, I always try the most intense modes, it never disappoint me.


  • It is highly qualified with stretchy materialsoft, smoothso it’s available for all size penis to get in it easily while much other product is not wide enough in their diameter, which will make you penis awkwardly stuck at the entrance and even hurt your body. So I have said that you don’t have to worry about whether the size is too small for you, on the contrary, the entrance of the Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator is properly tight that provides a feeling if that I ampopping through a real vagina that is tiny and compact, which can not be comparable by hands.
    • Most surprisingly, this amazing male masturbator has three different but all sex enough female voices! Honestly-speaking, it is the one of the features I most pleased with. Though masturbation is a private things.  People also need some reactions or feedback from their partner, even when they are doing this by themselves, the interaction is an indispensable part of our masturbation journey. And if with the use of some lubricant that makes the inner of the toy moist and slithery more realistic to a woman’s vagina, together with the sexy female voice, WOW! You may get a wonderful and incomparable experience that other products can not give you. 
    • USB Charging. You may don’t realize how important it is. I have experienced an embarrassing thing: one day, I was in a entire lust when I finished my work, I just wanted to use my masturbator to get a extreme orgasm, unluckily, my masturbator’s battery was run out! What a disappointing thing! After that, I swore I would never buy a masturbator with battery. So by using Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator I would never worry about the battery problem anymore. I just have to charge it every time I finish my masturbation, so it will full of energy when the  next time I use it, which is convenient for me than other brand masturbators. 
    • Easy to cleaning.I am a little obsessive about cleanliness, due to the hygiene problem, until now I have thrown many masturbators, even some famous products, they are uneasy to cleaning and can not be apart that leads to thousands of bacteria hiding, which I could not bear. I always clean my masturbator after I got pleasure and delight from my masturbator, and go to the bathroom to taking an after-sex showing. It may look like a incidental thing, but it can be crucial for your health. And Eliza- HandsFree Free Male Masturbator whose lid and the inner sleeve are easy to pull apart which makes it convenient to cleaning even hiding in the dead corner where may be the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This is the wonderful design that most male masturbators in the current market can not completely achieve. And this is also the feature I most satisfied with.

    A useful accessories for your masturbation. 


    After you purchase a male masturbator, just as we can’t eat a hamburger without cola and eat chips can be more delicious with ketchup, it would also be much more funny and exciting with some assistant sex products. According to my fully masturbation experiences, you will feel more enjoyable with this products.

    Lubricant products. The lubricant if you want less friction but a real women-like vagina, wet, smooth, so what are you waiting for?  Buy one and try to using lubricant together with a masturbator, then you will can not help sharing this wonderful and realistic experience with your friends. 80% of my masturbation time when using Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator I always together with lubricant, it do enhance my tactile and bring me a wonderful orgasm.

    Even I have listed many usage experience getting from Eliza-Hands Free Free Male Masturbator and how consent I am , the usage experience can differ from people. So how about buying an Eliza- Hands Free Free Male Masturbator to improving your sex experience and starting to exploiting a totally different sex journey?