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Things About The Masturbation Lube

The history of Lubricant

1. Carrageenan

In ancient China, carrageenan was used as a thickener in food and medicine by boiling red seaweed into slippery, water-soluble liquids. And it was estimated that the carrageenan was also used as the masturbation lube. Till now, carrageenan is still used in food, lubricants, etc.

 2. Olive oil and other vegetable oils

Olive oil was considered the origin of the personal masturbation lube. In ancient Greek, people were open to sexual life and even male homosexuality, which led to an increase in masturbation lube. People moistened and stimulated their secret area which could not lubricate itself with vegetable oils when sex was focused on there.

3. In the 17th century

In the 17th century of China and Japan, people used the animal intestine condom with masturbation lube to prevent pregnancy. While Chinese preferred vegetable oil Japanese preferred tororo-jiru(a substance made from grated and mashed yams).

4. Vaseline

In the mid-1900s, Vaseline was a popular choice for sexual masturbation lube though it was actually not intended for sex.

5. Lubricant Jelly

In the year of 1904, KY Jelly was sold as a “surgical aids” and was soon to be found by people that it was useful for sexual lubrication. In the next few decades, the KY Jelly was marked as a special personal masturbation lube.

6. Cisco

The first hydrogenated oil, Crisco, was widely available in 1911, and it quickly gained popularity for those who wanted an alternative to liquid oils due to its thickness and viscosity.

7. Cream Lube

At the end of the 1980s, masturbation lube broke into the mainstream of the culture and people started to use it more than just a medical substance. During this time, the cream lubricant became an alternative product of the water-based lubricant benefited from its specific features of avoiding sticky and tacky feelings.

In recent years, masturbation lube has become a necessary product in our life. According to various demands, the masturbation lube was created with a multitude of options available, including all kinds of lubes such as the blowjob lube and the edible lubricant for people who engage in oral sex, the desensitizing lube for people who are allergic, the specific lubricant for anal sex, the warming lube, the numbing lube, the tingling lube, the spicy lube, the PH balanced lube, etc. Moreover, the flavored lubricant including coconut lube and strawberry lube, etc. What’s more, the producer also specially invented the best personal lubricant for seniors and the best lubricant for menopause dryness.

Why Should We Use the Masturbation Lube?

The application of masturbation lube has become more and more extensive in people’s sexual life, and the research on this kind of sexual masturbating aid has gradually increased. Here sohimi will tell you everything about the best lube for masturbation in detail.

Masturbation lube is said to be a sexual life aid for couples. According to the results of QU’s research among 1000 women, 91% of the women in the survey sample had used personal lube.

Up to 82% of them used the masturbation lube to "enhance their own comfort", and 60% of them used it to "enhance their partner’s sexual experience."

In addition, 64% of women used the masturbation lube for "effective insertion". The reason "the smell and feeling of personal lube improve the atmosphere of couples' sexual lives" had also approved by 6% of the women being investigated.

For women who suffer from sex pain, masturbation lube is really a savior to them. 92% of them choose the masturbation lube to “relieve pain”.

In conclusion, masturbation lube can reduce the possibility of friction and injury during sex, especially for those who cannot self-lubricate enough. Additionally, some specific lubes such as warming lube, numbing lube, tingling lube, spicy lube, or flavored lube can add extra fun by providing different smells and heating.

Types of personal lube/Pros & Cons

By composition

Water-based lube

The main component of this kind of masturbation lube is water, and it is the most widely used personal lube in the world. If you’re looking for a natural vaginal lubricant, it’s quite a good choice.


The most organic lube for masturbation, the best lube for sensitive skin

Effectively prevent allergy to latex condoms

Safe to use with all sex toys materials, the best lube for masturbation


Easily absorbed by the skin and easily evaporated in the air

Oil-based lube(Vaseline)

The main component of oil-based lube is silicone oil, and it’s widely used for medical and nursing purposes.


The best lubricant for anal sex



Cannot prevent infectious diseases

Corrosive effect on latex

Silicone-based lube

It is the safest and the most healthy masturbation lube and is widely used in sexual life, medicine, skincare products, cosmetics, etc.




safe to use with condoms


Cannot use with the silicone toys

Specialty lubricant

Lube with spermicide - Just like its name, this kind of masturbation lube has a significant impact on sperm motility. However, it cannot replace condoms or birth control pills.

Best lubricant for menopause dryness - It is the best masturbation lube for seniors, it’s longer-lasting, milder and less likely to cause allergic reactions.