What Kind Of Dildos Are Suitable For Gay? - Your Ultimate Shopping Guide


If you are gay and looking for the dildo you want, this shopping guide is customized for you.

Initially, the dildo was used to satisfy the needs of women and was used for clinical treatments. But as times progressed and openness to human desire became clear, it wasn't just women who needed to be penetrated and satisfied. For gay, anal plugs are one of the most commonly used toys, but compared to dildos, the size of anal plugs is smaller, and if you want to restore the process of sex with your boyfriend more, a dildo is way ahead in terms of size. Besides, today's dildo has many advances in function, appearance and material. Who can refuse the dildo that looks fabulous and feels super comfortable while using?

Never assume each is pretty much the same because their ultimate purpose is the same. Do not underestimate the nerve receptors in your body. From the texture to the shape, every little detail will bring you a different feeling. Maybe you have been dizzy by the super style of a dildo. Too many choices may make you instead do not know where to start. It's ok. Give me a chance to let me as your most personal guide. According to different purposes, I will recommend you the most suitable dildo. You can click on the corresponding part of the content to read as you need.

For Beginners - Flexible And Small Size

Everything starts with safety. If you are interested in dildo sex but have never tried it before, I suggest you start with a soft, small size. The purpose is to keep you safe while also making it a little easier to accept. If the penetration at the beginning is too exciting or intense, I worry that you will not continue the exploration journey afterward.

If you are a complete novice and you don't know how to find the right angle for penetration, then flexibility is very important at this point. To avoid muscle tearing due to strong, wrong-angle insertion, you need a dildo with a little more forgiveness, preferably one that can bend at a full angle. Bringing a suction cup will be perfect because it is always less convenient to try your back with your hands.

5.7 Inch Soft Anal Dildo

This dildo is just like its name. It can bring absolute gentleness to your anus and rectum. A normal dildo would be over 2inch in diameter, but this one is only 1.18inch in diameter, considering the easier reach and gentle stimulation. If you have never had a physical sensation, believe me, this will be the best first anal dildo for you. It will impress you with its tenderness and bring you into the world of dildos.

5.7 Inch Soft Anal Dildo

Realistic Flexible 7 Inch Dildo

This cute colorful jelly dildo meets all the requirements of a beginner. In addition to its lovely four colors, it is also very flexible. With a sucking cup underneath, you can stick it firmly to the wall or floor and bend it from any angle, so do not worry about this cute little guy will poke you in the anus, it can switch the right angle according to your posture, it is just so easy-going nature. This does not mean that it is easy to bully. If you pinch it, you will find that it is elastic but never deformed. The material used is medical TPE, 100% safe for the body while also environmentally friendly!

Realistic Flexible 7 inch Dildo

Suction Cup Dildo

If you prefer a simulated dildo to a clear dildo, then this one is perfect. The reachable length of this one is 5.9inch, the same as the previous one. The difference is that it is more realistic in appearance and softer overall. If you prefer silicone material, softer and more skin-friendly, then I suggest you choose this one.

Suction Cup Dildo

For Veteran Acquaintances - Strong And Larger Sizes

Suppose dildo is not something new to you anymore, and the sight of an unusual dildo will not interest you or even cast a disgusted look at me. In that case, the next product I am going to mention will definitely not disappoint you.

The prostate orgasm is always tempting, and it attracts countless men who want to taste its deliciousness. In addition to finding the right place, you also need the right intensity of stimulation. The prostate gland is located about 2-4inch inside the anal network, so the most dildo can easily find him. You can stimulate it by thrusting or vibrating, and the intense direct contact will quickly overwhelm you with the pleasure of prostate orgasm.

Realistic Vibrating Dildo with a Bullet

Let's start with the vibration category dildo. The biggest selling point of this product is its convenience and thoughtfulness. Whether you need a vibrating toy or not, it can meet your idea. This is a set of the combined dildo. You can choose according to your needs whether to put the bullet vibrator plug, or the two products can be used separately, which also represents you buy two sex toys with the money of one, what a little money saver. 9 vibration modes at your disposal, which also you can hardly get bored of it.

Realistic Vibrating Dildo with a Bullet

G-Spot Thrusting Dildo

It would be more appropriate to change the name of this product to P-spot, actually. Unlike the last one, which only has a vibrating function, this dildo has a vibrating, stretching and rotating function, so if you can take more intense stimulation, then you can try it out. It may have a bit much movement in your rectum, so use more lube! Even if you are already a veteran in this area, you still have to put your safety first.

G-Spot Thrusting Dildo

In addition to its versatile features, it has great textural detailing. The realistic veins, the cute glans and the multi-textured testicles are all inspirations for the designers. To make your experience even more impressive, they have embellished it with bumps so that you can't help but marvel at the wisdom of the designers after you've used it.

Try A More Novel Way

In addition to the regular dildo, the designers will always launch novel-looking products for a more exciting experience or more attractive appearance. They do not fail to live up to the mission. Indeed, to please consumers and sales are very significant.

Vibrating Vaginal & Anal Dildo with Handle

This dildo has a strong design sense, and unlike traditional dildos, it does not replicate the look of a real penis 100 percent. Not a traditional vibrator, as its lines and shape are designed to simulate a real penis. In fact, it is more like a black dildo, only with an extra handle. The handle is designed to be easy to use. Whether it is for your own use or for your partner, it is a very thoughtful design.

anal dildo

Because of its peculiar design, it can bring not only pleasure but also fun. As a gift to your friend, let him be surprised at its use experience after the shock.

10.6 Inch Black Dildo

Are you a fan of black dildos? This 10-inch dildo will challenge your threshold visually and tactilely. Be sure to pair this one with plenty of lube. You don't have to push it if you really can't get into it because it does push the limits from a muscular perspective. But it definitely brings the ultimate satisfaction.

black dildo

Dildo is not just for women, as it can enter not only the vagina but also the anus.


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