What Is Sex Life Like After Having A Child

What Is Sex Life Like After Having A Child

One of the aspects that many people are excited about in a relationship is sex, but what most people don’t know is that sex changes after having a child.

Your sex life, before and after having a child, can be totally different. This is especially the case with women because it can take months to become sexually active again after giving birth. However, the main reason why your sex life will change is due to the fact that you have another soul to consider while you’re in this relationship. In fact, the majority of your child’s early years will be spent in your bedroom. This, of course, means having a lack of privacy, so there’s less time for sex or any other sexual intimacy.

So, even if you have an active sexual relationship now, you shouldn’t get too comfortable once you have your first child. Otherwise, you may be in for many surprises. However, this change in sex life status isn’t all bad. If you prepare yourself to have a child, then you can manage both of these beautiful aspects in your life.

Things to Know About Sex Life as a Parent

To help you prepare to enjoy both your sex life and parenthood, I’ll share with you a few things that will ensure you to continue your sexual relationship, while at the same time, attending to your new child. As you probably already know, looking after a baby is full-time work, so you might be wondering if it is even possible to have a sex life.

Well, I can tell you that it is possible, and many couples have done it. As mentioned, you just have to be prepared by knowing what to expect. That way, you won’t be met with unexpected circumstances or, worse, lose your sexual desires.

It may take time for women to be sexually active again

After giving birth, it is completely normal for women to not want to get funky in the bedroom for a while. For some, this can be weeks. For others, it can be months. If you or your partner don’t seem to be in the mood, then don’t worry, as this feeling will pass eventually.

There are two main reasons why this can happen. One is due to hormonal changes, but keep in mind that there are cases where some women feel the opposite. For instance, you may feel aroused while breastfeeding. This is because the hormone, oxytocin, is involved in milk let-down, and this is the same hormone that’s also involved with sexual arousal.

The other reason is that women simply feel pain during sex after a short time of giving birth, especially for those who have had a C-section. So despite how much you were participating in sexual activities, there are just some natural things that you cannot control after birth.

You and/or your partner will get exhausted

Once you have your child, you can most certainly expect to become exhausted regularly. This is a typical pattern that almost all parents have to overcome. Moreover, you can also expect to be too tired to get involved in any sexual exercises.

If tiredness or exhaustion doesn’t prevent you from getting back into the game, then you will most likely be too stressed to do so, due to the responsibility of caring for your baby. So, if you want to maintain your current sexual relationship, then I suggest creating a plan on how you and your partner can address each other’s sexual needs. One of the common problems that couples face regarding sexual intimacy is that, while one is in the mood, the other is not. But, if you both split the work of caring for your baby, then you may not be faced with this issue.

You can always turn to sex toys for assistance

One effective solution that you and your partner can incorporate into your relationship is sex toys. Believe it or not, sex toys are not just for a single individual. They can also be used for couples, so if your partner is unavailable and approves of this, then you can take some time off alone to relieve yourself.

In addition, there are toys available specifically for couples as well. Therefore, if you want some help to get your arousal levels going, then there are sex toys, such as rabbit cock rings and strap-on dildos, that can do the trick. There is a wide variety of sex toys out there, so you can take your time to browse and see what will work to spice up or reignite your sex life.


A lot of people think that you can’t have a healthy sex life once you have children. Although it can be challenging making time for sex with a child in the house, if you plan ahead and know in advance what to expect, as well as having enough of a sexual drive, then you can definitely make it work.