Eliza Hands-free Male Masturbator - I Became The Male Sex Toy Tester

Eliza Hands-free Male Masturbator - I Became The Male Sex Toy Tester

It’s a stimulating, mystery and well-paid job with ups and downs online, but people agree benefits include being allowed to work from home whenever the mood takes you or anywhere in the world for that matter, maybe just not in public.

So today, to uncover the mystery of this profession, the daily work of male sex toy testers, we conducted an interesting and complete interview with a male tester, we have an interview with a male sex toy tester with his own story.

Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Yes. Sure. This is the most common question I’m been asked — maybe because this work is so damn cool, and all you open-minded people wondering how to get into it too.

When the pandemic Coronavirus hit, everyone was scared and I was no exception. I had hardly any savings. I realized that I had no skills and I got really poor, really fast. I went home to New Jersey and stayed with my parents, and it was terrible because we almost quarreled every day. Then I fled out to Austin and stayed on a friend’s couch for a while, which was an even more terrible idea because Austin was small and even more terrible to try to find a job.

I accidentally came into contact with sex toys under the leading of a friend. The first sex toy is Eliza-Hands Free Male Masturbator, you see, I still cannot forget it. Under pressure, I began to fall in love with this feeling of indulging in pleasing myself. I saw various sex toy testers on the Internet, and then I was thinking: why not What? So I started to prepare to be a sex toy tester.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t grow up with the dream of being a sex blogger. I also didn’t use toys as a teen, or even in college; it was only in this pandemic year that I realized that enjoying sex was OK — and more than just OK. Really good.

When I get involved in something, I get really involved. My interests in toys and masturbation became a passion, and I wanted to learn more and more about it. After the first product, I kept looking for better options for my body — that’s how I discovered body-safe sex toys and began reading review blogs. I thought I was on a great mission, and my mission was male-centric for all the males in the world as much as possible, on behalf of me.

Now I am a happily male sex blogger that loves sex toys and enjoys experiencing different styles of products to test and enjoy writing reviews to reveal the products.

I was nervous at first because I was sharing something intimate with total strangers on the internet. I also didn’t know what I was getting myself into, because it isn’t like sex blogging is a four-year degree plan. But I decided, my opinions are worth something and that'll be fun. That’s when I started writing reviews of toys I’d already owned.

It took me two days to set up the vanilla schemes of the site: choosing a theme, publishing a few posts, uploading photos, customizing and arranging menus, designing a sidebar, and more. But by the end of that weekend, I had a site that looked not too bad. LoL. I began signing up for affiliate programs and creating social media accounts so I could let other people know about my idea. The next week, I promoted my firmness guide on Twitter for the first time, and I was super-duper excited when I had my first follower!

Although the objective of reaching a climax is always the same, the technology to provoke an orgasm is constantly evolving. For example, batteries have almost become a thing of the past as these days, most sex toys are rechargeable.

They are also made from soft, body-safe materials and packaged in elegant boxes. Their features are also becoming increasingly complicated. There are even app-controlled toys that can be controlled by a partner on the other side of the world. I really like this job now because of the direction it is moving forward. It brings me not only countless orgasms but also bright hopes.

How many toys have you tested?

I have honestly lost count. Over the last years, I have tested over 200 sex toys — that’s a lot of orgasms, both alone and with ex-partners. It’s always fun to bring a one-night stand home and give them a good surprise. I’ll never get bored of testing them.

using sex toy with one night stand patner

How to figure out a good toy?

What it comes down to really is — does it feel good? You don’t want something that’s going to make you feel numb with too strong a vibration or something that’s hard to maneuver. Personally, I am drawn to toys that have various settings and are easy to handle. I am always excited when a new product comes out in the market.

What is the process of testing a sex toy?

What I usually do is to take a rest at home, get the toy out of its packaging box, read the instructions and just start it. It’s really important for you to read the instructions, as you might miss out on an awesome setting that’ll make the experience better.

When it comes to evaluation, you should focus on stimulation and whether it hit the pleasure points in the correct ways. For example like an electric masturbator, you might want something which will massage and grip the penis head as this is the most sensitive point. If it is tight and textured and glides up and down the shaft simply — perfect. Personally, I prefer mid-vibration — nothing too intense as it numbs. A good way of testing a toy is seeing if it will bring you to orgasm without you having to pull it up and down like masturbation. I usually test a toy 2–3 times before deciding on it, as some days you can feel more sensitive than others.

Do they lose the appeal after a while?

No. I love using toys. I get bored of some after a while but I still have a large enough selection now to keep me occupied. I love pleasure and exploring new pleasure zones, so if there is a toy offering a new sensation or experience, I’m down for trying it.

Have sex toys decreased your sexual appetite?

I feel a lot of people are concerned that toys will decrease your appetite for humans, but for me, it’s not the case. If anything, it does the opposite as it educates you on pleasure points, spots, and even techniques that feel good. There are some things you can do with your mouth and fingers that no toy will ever manage — that’s the fun bit. I honestly believe the use of sex toys is fantastic for your sexual appetite and they are also fantastic for keeping sex exciting in long-term relationships.

Do you have some recommendations?

Apart from the mentioned sohimi product above, the second product I would like to recommend to everyone is Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator. This blowjob masturbator has multiple models for you by adjusting the pressure and speed of airbags, the size, and the tightness of the channel. So that you can get a unique experience from Sohimi blowjob masturbator.

Sohimi LG362 Blowjob Masturbator

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The third product I recommend to everyone is Sohimi FEDER Penis MassagerUnlikely other penis rings, Sohimi penis massager provides extra pressure and amazing stimulation to your perineum with a taint teaser on the inside. Let the penis massager fits around your cock and balls tightly, stimulates your perineum with gentle pressure. Your penis, balls and perineum will be under pleasurable vibration when put on the button, relax and enjoy the wonderful time.

Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

This penis massager with a taint teaser is made of high-quality soft silicone, safe and durable in use. Smooth silicone feels soft to the touch but firm enough to give you a delicious feeling of fullness. Moreover, it’s very stretchy, so this penis massager can fit perfectly on just about everyone.

Not only for men to use this penis massager, but also used by single women or couples. Generally, the penis massager makes men erect longer and harder, but it also stimulates women’s clitoris while sending vibrations down men’s shaft.

Where is the future of sex toys?

Technology is changing a lot of things. It is used in every aspect of our lives making living more efficient, so naturally, sex and relationships are no exception. Technology changes culture, it creates a new language and whether you like it or not, it is already common practice to use technology to connect, feel and relate with others. Toys are becoming interactive with porn films, remote-controlled, Bluetooth controlled, etc., it’s really exciting. I would say the industry is getting a lot better for men, Sohimi is always bringing something exciting to the market and I love it.

ring for sex

The last trend I want to touch on is still emerging, but I think it’s going to quickly become the next big thing. Similar to how lingerie and bondage harnesses are becoming popular to wear in public or at the club, sex toys are becoming more discreetly integrated into our daily lives.