Seven Reasons To Choose The Rose Toy Pro——Rose Queen

sohimi rose queen

It can be said that owning a vibrator is never a bad thing,it can bring you many experiences you have never had before. If you have never used a vibrator before, the  Rose vibrator  is a good choice for beginners. But if you are already a vibrator collector, then this product launched in July 2021 will be very suitable for you. The official name of this mysterious vibrator is the  Rose Queen, and it is also an upgraded version of the rose vibrator, so it can also be called a Rose Toy Pro. If you still have temporary doubts, then the following reasons will definitely help you.

Outstanding appearance

sohimi rose queen


Appearance is one of the most crucial selling points of a product, no one wants their vibrator to be ugly. And this is absolutely nothing to worry about on the Rose Queen. The difference between the Rose Toy Pro and other vibrators is that it maintains the original rose shape design but is slightly different. If the Rose Vibrator is likened to a fully blooming rose, then the Rose Toy Pro is a budding rose. Although it is not bloomed, it already has a sense of beauty. At the same time, the Rose Queen chose big red as the main color, red can not only represent the color of roses, but also can represent the bold and gorgeous and even passionate love. Not only that, a golden ring is added under the rose-shaped head, which also adds a sense of luxury to the whole vibrator. 

powerful functions

rose queen function

The two ends of the Rose Toy Pro have different functions,and have two switches to control the two modes separately. One end of the rose head provides a sucking function, while the dildo shape at the other end offers a vibration function. At the same time there are many choices, there are five sucking modes at one end of the rose toy pro, while one end of the vibrator is up to ten vibration modes. Ten vibration modes from shallow to deep, can stimulate different places, each way can bring different feelings. Sucking mode will make you wet very quickly and can suck the breasts, ears, clitoris, anus, or other sensitive areas. Its sucking sensation is not only on the surface, but can be transmitted from the surface to the deep. You can choose the mode you want according to your different needs. 

Better orgasm

Or should I say a stronger orgasm, the vibrator is an excellent supplement to postures where the partner's body does not rub the clitoris. They are also great for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm during partner sex in any position. The Rose Vibrator brings orgasm in one to two minutes, and the upgraded Rose Toy Pro naturally does not take longer than that, it allows you to quickly reach orgasm in 30 seconds. Not only that, because the tungsten steel material is used at one end of the vibrator, it can make the vibration more intense, and it can also make the orgasm more violent. You will feel the orgasm coming so fast and swiftly, like a hurricane passing through your body.

vibrator orgasm

Plus, the entire vibrator material is made of abs and liquid silicone making one end of the vibrator very soft and bendable, so you can bend it to the angle you want to explore more pleasurable areas of your body, and maybe find sensitive areas that you never found before. This is something that ordinary sex cannot achieve, even if there is no problem when you come, a vibrator can completely change the way you get an orgasm. That kind of direct clitoral stimulation may be precisely what your body needs to get a strong orgasm or even multiple orgasms.​​​

Completely silent 

If you are not living alone, using a very noisy vibrator is embarrassing. No one would want to be heard by others from the buzzing sound from their room. Most of the vibrators will have varying degrees of sound, even the Rose Vibrator’s sound has been considered very small, it still can reach forty decibels. Suppose you put it in your carry-on bag and accidentally turn it on. In that case, I hope you will not be in a quiet environment, because the people around will hear the unidentified vibration in your bag.

silent woman

The emergence of the Rose Toy Pro can make all the embarrassment disappear,whether it is sucking mode or vibration mode, it can achieve a hundred percent mute. If you are a person who likes excitement, you can also be bold to find a hidden place to use outside, there will be absolutely no noise. Even if there are people outside the room when you use it, they will never hear any sound. It can be said that your groans will overwhelm the sound of the vibrator itself.

Can be used by couples

couple lying on bed

Generally speaking of vibrators, everyone will think that this is a sex toy for singles, but just like the Rose Vibrator can be used as a foreplay prop between couples, the Rose Toy Pro can also add a lot of fun between couples. Due to the perfect combination of a rose-sucking vibrator and dildo vibrator. Its two shapes provide different usage methods, and at the same time it can create a variety of extra pleasure from the Rose Vibrator. This side of the dildo shape takes you to experience the thrill of classic penetrative sex. And the other half takes you to feel the stimulation of the clitoris to meet your needs. You can try to place a vibrator on your clitoris when your partner starts or engages in penetrative sex. Different couples have different ways to use it, maybe you guys can explore more novel ways to use it.

Safe materials and charging methods 

As mentioned before, the Rose Toy Pro is made of brand new abs and liquid silicone, which makes the whole softer, skin-friendly and completely harmless. Also is a magnetic charging mode with no bacteria and it is 100% waterproof,don't have to worry about safety when you use it underwater. The charging time of Rose Toy Pro needs 2.5 hours of charging time, and the use time can be as high as 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Of course our products all have CE marks, so you don't have to worry about the safety of materials and environmental protection issues, please feel free to use them. 

Good for health

You have to understand that nothing in life is more important than your own happiness,believe me that using a vibrator to masturbate is good both mentally and physically.When you masturbate to orgasm, it releases hormones and serotonin. These hormones can bring many benefits, including reducing stress, improving sleep, and relieving pain. Even strengthen muscle tone in your pelvic and anal areas.

woman lying on bed

Rose toy pro massages the sensitive areas by sucking, vibrating and other functions, regulating endocrine, achieving the purpose of treatment, comfort, and improving the quality of sexual life. The exquisite oscillating design can adjust the vibration frequency arbitrarily to fully meet the needs of women's sexual life. The brightly colored and lovely Rose Queen can easily make women lust and enjoy sexual pleasure. If you are interested in the Rose Queen, please do not hesitate, or you can go to the sohimi official website for more information.