Rose Queen Reviews - The Use Experience Of 10,000 Users

Rose Queen Reviews - The Use Experience Of 10,000 Users

There are lots of moments in a woman’s whole life turning out to be a game changer in retrospect, and her experience with her every vibrator from Sohimi Rose toy to Sohimi Rose toy pro is definitely one of them. People are always chasing after better self-pleasure. While dating remains risky and some people are still quarantining apart, they are trying to stay sexually satisfied by investing in the best sex toys.

Which one is the best product? We have one here, and because there are too many good reviews, we have to extract the top good reviews from 10,000+ users:

Such a cute design!

Absolutely worth the money, and 5 stars!!!

Ladies you definitely need to add this to your toy collection!!!

I didn't believe that vibrators would work but this product truly blew me away.

What a powerful vibrator and the suction power is unmatched.

Charges fast and is a MUST HAVE for any woman.


Yes, as you have seen now, there are still an ocean of good reviews purring in, which are all the praises for the best female sex toy in 2021Sohimi Rose toy pro, which is also called Rose queen. 

sohimi rose queen

We have to repeat it here first, folks: Masturbating is pretty much essential to your mental and physical health for pain relief and better sleep. And when you bring a vibrator into the masturbation, countless toe-curling orgasms on demand will come to you directly . 

And the best sex toy shops online are taking note! Sohimi is offering more sexual wellness products than ever which always encourages the self-love. The best clitoral vibrator, the Rose queen, is the new product in July 2021, which is a high-end product of modern technology that makes women feel more happier, offering fast yet gentle clitoral and vagina stimulation. Worth. Every. Penny.

Rose Queen Can Hide In Real Flowers

We extracted three reviews from the players' comments due to the limited space. In order to prevent you from being unclear to read the text in the picture, we have re-entered the words again following:


Absolutely cute! Great design and discreet packaging! Definitely would suggest to others!

Elegant Toy

The vibrations are strong and it's really cute. Love it.

the cutest vibrator

easy to use and to clean! my new favorite toy for sure, it’s so cute and sleek and the suction is 10/10 so fun! i like that it came with a little carrier bag as well that was a nice touch. 

No woman will refuse fresh roses, passion and unrestrained, can light the love fire in their hearts. if a bouquet is not enough, please gift more. As many users commented, the appearance and color of Rose queen hit their aesthetics. Rose queen has improved much on the basis of Rose toy. In appearance, it looks more like a delicate rose. The perfect rose shape, looks just like the real flower we need to embellish in the floral course.

sohimi rose queen

If you have bought a Rose toy before, you can feel the difference by looking at the picture of Rose queen, but if you have not before, then please allow us to introduce you how these two products differ.

If Rose toy is just a flower bone, Rose queen would be a complete rose with branch, it has a height of 8.26 inch (210mm). Its lotus-shaped and cute appearance makes it outstanding and elegant than other types sex toys ever. Most small leather bags cannot give it a very comfortable space, so we would recommend to use larger bags or tote bags. Although Rose queen is longer than Rose toy, but this long part also has its advantages, let's take a look at how to use this prominent part. 

Use Rose Queen To Satisfy The Clitoral And Vagina 


I LOVE this toy, for all of the toys i have this one is definitely my favorite. Its suction is amazing, theres several vibration settings, and honestly i highly recommend it. The battery lasts a decent amount of time and it has a really nice feel to it. 

I love it!

The suction & vibration power of this toy was super surprising. It's very easy to clean & the opening of the flower is a nice size. I absolutely love this toy & it is my new favorite. I highly recommend it!

Wonderfully Strong Clitoral Stimulation

The suction on this toy is so intense and strong. The toy is super soft. I had no idea that the back end was a vibrator and it definitely helped with the power behind the stimulation end. Truly a wonderful toy! 

What many praises! 

Look at the flower bone of Rose queen, it can give you marvelous stimulation to experience the ultimate thrill of oral sex at any time with 5 suction modes

Look at the branch of Rose queen, takes you to feel the virginal intercourse. The most important is that it has 10 frequency vibration, which can easily stimulate your g-spot to meet your needs anytime and anywhere. 

A woman's vagina is the only way to a woman's heart, and Rose queen has made it. So you only need to buy one Rose queen to experience the pleasure of multiple toys at the same time. It's the perfect connection of a vibrating dildo and sucking toy.

Rose Queen Is A Silent Friend Between Your Legs


WOW....this product us just....WOW....I love the material its softness is one of a kind and its suction is PHENOMENAL. Super easy to clean and comes with a great little case. Charges fast and is a MUST HAVE for any woman 


LOVED IT!! It’s such a cute design but it is POWERFUL but silent, I love it!  

Silent and Powerful!!!

This toy is amazing and I love how it doesn’t sound like I have a motor running. Super quiet and powerful. 

Thanks for every sincere and true feedback. The easiest and most effective way to level up your sexual wellness is, of course, with one of the best sex toys. Rose queen is the right one. Because it is made of non-toxic and harmless silicone. It uses ABS and liquid silicone rubber with European CE logo, It is very soft, body-safe, smooth and stretchy. You can rub it at will for any sexual position. 100% silent

There is a pro tip which is that invest in some quality lube to make everything more fun. And if you're still figuring out what kind of stimulation you need, you may want to pick up two different styles and experiment. 

Even the hottest spark in the bedroom needs new sex positions to stoke the flames from time to time, otherwise things get boring, fast. Anytime you introduce something fresh and novel into the bedroom, you set yourself up for a more stimulating experience and bigger finish. In short, your brain craves newness, and especially for women, your brain is very involved in your excitement and satisfaction.

If you don't need your partner to participate in your orgasm, you can also experience the happiness it brings in the room. It is also 100% silent, so you don't have to worry about the roommates or parents who live with you. Most of our users are buying it for personal use, but at the same time some users take Rose queen into their sex. 

Enjoy Your Adventure 

When you find your perfect vibrator, it improves your whole masturbation experience. If you've ever walked into a sex shop or scrolled through an online store, though, you've seen that the number of options can be overwhelming. Particularly if you don't know the difference between a rabbit vibrator, a wand, and a bullet. If you're seeking a new top-drawer buddy, look no further, whether you're a self-pleasure beginner, hoping to spice things up in the bedroom with a sex toy you can both enjoy, or simply want to take your orgasm to the next level, Rose queen is one of the best vibrators for women available now. 

From the bed in house to the adventure, there are tons of ways to incorporate Rose queen into your next love-making scene. Finding new ways to pleasure yourself and giving your sex life a much needed refresh can work wonders for any relationship. Invest Rose queen and come on try it now.