Before we start

No matter you're a experienced sex toy user or a new hand, we sincerely invite you to join our testers project because we're looking for your honest opinion of our products. Your experience will lead us to improve the design in definite ways. 

All the product for testers are totally free.

Please read this page carefully before you get started.

How does this work?

Every week we will post the products we have available for the week and how many items we have available in all the social media we have. There will be many kinds of products available like Vibrators, Masturbators, Anal toys, Couple toys, or BDSM related products.

You can choose any of them if you're interested, just feel free to contact us after you read the content below.

Follow the steps below

A. Find the product on Amazon and add it to your cart. 

B. Send DM to our twitter/Send PM to our Facebook page/Send E-mail and let us know which you've added to your cart.

C. Place the order, and let us know the order number, we'll record it and once you received the parcel and leave a review, we'll send the money back to you.

D. Share your opinion with us after you received and tried the product, share your advice with us!

You can get a free trail of all the following products"

A List Of Free Trial Products In US

Sohimi Mini Silicone Sex Doll
Sohimi 10.6 inch liquid silicone dildo
Sohimi 2in1 Sucking Vibrator
Sohimi 3D Realistic Tiny Sex Doll
Sohimi 3 IN1 Rabbit Sucking Vibrator
Sohimi 3-in-1 Remote Control Prostate Milker
Sohimi Big Booty Sex Doll For Men
Sohimi 360° Rotating Realitic Dildo Vibrator
Sohimi 360° Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager
Sohimi 3pcs Pink Lovely Training Kegel Balls
Sohimi 3PCS Red Gem Anal Plug
Sohimi 4 IN 1 Bell Butt Plug With Chain


*After your order is complete, please send the order number in DM to the agent you purchased from.*

*All the available products will be posted in our website and social media channels, subject to recent updates.*

*If you received a defective product or anything with bad quality, let us know at once.*

*Further notification will be added in future.*

*Everyone has up to 2 chances to try free toys for each month*

*You buy any toys yourself without talking to us upfront, we will not reimburse.

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