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  • can I make a pre-payment in order to review a product?

Only if you're the tester that we work with more than once. You don't have to worry that we won't give you money back. Sohimi has been running Sex Toy for over 10 years.  We sell over $100M+ worth of adult products a year on Amazon. We deserve your trust

  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

It depends on Amazon's delivery system, which usually takes 3-5 days

  • How do you give money back to me?

Once you place an order on Amazon and give us a 5-star review, click Contact Us Button and you can contact our staff who will refund the money to you via PayPal or amazon gift card

  • Can I test another product?

Yes of course, click the contact us button, our staff will give you other sex toy options to test