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Affiliates - how to earn money at home

Can't you go to work because of Corona?

Can't you afford your own life well because of Corona?

Are you unable to generate any economic income due to Corona?

Join our Sohimi Affiliate program on Webgains here. Once signed up you will receive

  • Up to 20% Commission on every valid sale you refer

  • Access to our exclusive offers and codes

  • Access to our product review program, in which you have the opportunity to receive a sample for an honest blog post

Choose the platform where you want to make money

We provide two affiliate platforms for you to choose from. First, our own Sohimi affiliate platform, convenient and quick sign up. If you're worried we're not paying for your successful referral, don't worry about it, there is a second platform you can choose. You can accept our offer on, the world's largest affiliate platform. You can trust them completely, But it won't be that easy for signing up if you don't have your own website.

Earn commissions from Sohimi Affiliate. You don't need to have a personal website, you just need to register right away, and after our staff review, you can make money at home

Our own affiliate platform.

We are open to everyone

Join our Sohimi Affiliate program on Shareasale. You need to have your own website, and Shareasale will review your information for about 1-3 days. The advantage is that you can not only accept our offer, but also sell other brands on Shareasale, 

ShareAsale affiliate platform

A well-known affiliate platform that you can trust

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