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5 Things You Need to Know About Vibrators

What is a female masturbator?

The female masturbator is a kind of sexual tool that is used on the body for sexual pleasure. The most common name of a female masturbator is vibrator (sometimes called a massager). It varies in all kinds of shapes (butterfly vibrator, bullet vibrator, rabbit vibrator, tongue vibrator, lipstick vibrator, rose vibrator, finger vibrator, slim vibrator, etc.) and sizes (small vibrator, giant vibrator, thin vibrator, thick vibrator), it works on different body areas (clitoral vibrator, anal vibrator, nipple massager, penis vibrator, etc.).

At the very beginning, the female masturbator was invented to help the patient relieve pain. It was prohibited for women to masturbate themselves and until the year 1899, vibrators came into people’s ordinary life as household appliances. Click to know more about the magic history of female masturbator. 

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