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What is a clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrators are known as pneumatic toys, sometimes referred to as "sucking toys" or "clitoral sucking toys." These toys usually have a round head that fits snugly on the clitoris and uses a small amount of air pressure to create the sensation of sucking stimulation.

How do you choose your first vibrator?

  • More receptive

Clitoral vibrators are usually cuter in shape and have a suction head, making them more acceptable to beginners than regular realistic vibrators or dildos.

  • Multiple frequencies and functions

At Sohimi, there are clitoral vibrators that come with a G-spot wand head. Having a clitoral stimulator means you can have both a clitoral suction cup and a vaginal vibrator! Each vibrator has various frequencies to give you different stimulation sensations. You can adjust the frequency of the suction cups to your liking.

  • Suitable for all people

Available for singles and couples, women and men, gay men and lesbians, etc. For singles, the clitoral suction cup is the perfect cheap vibrator for them to explore their body secrets. For couples, the versatile clitoral vibrator is the perfect helper for sexual foreplay. For men, a clitoral sucker is like a different version of a male masturbator that stimulates the head of the penis and testicles.

Types of clitoral vibrators 

  • Classic Clitoral Sucker

This type of vibrator has a sucking port for precise clitoral stimulation and the sucking port is sized to fit most women's clitorises. And it is very portable. 

  • Tongue Clitoral Vibrator

This type of vibrator has a simulated tongue shape on the vibrator and the tongue can wiggle with the vibration frequency, which can simulate real oral sex.

  • Magic Wand Clitoral Vibrator

Compared to ordinary plastic wand vibrators, sohimi's magic wand vibrator is completely encased in silicone. This allows for not only clitoral stimulation, but also deep vaginal or anal stimulation.

  • G-spot and clitoral vibrators

This vibrator is a small  dildo vibrator added to the classic model, which can be used in two ways. One end of the suction nozzle can stimulate the clitoris, and the other end can stimulate deep into the G-spot.

  • Remote Clitoral Vibrator

More portable than other clitoral vibrators, you can simply adjust the vibration frequency on the remote control, which is very suitable for on-the-go use.

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