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What is an anal toy?

Anal sex toys are a type of sex toy used by male or female users to stimulate the anal area. These toys usually have a spherical appearance to stimulate the male P-spot and the female G-spot. Anal sex toys often incorporate many creative elements to entice customers to use them. Common anal sex toys nowadays include anal plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, prostate stimulators, etc. Many anal toys have a flared base to ensure that the anal toy does not slip too far into the rectum.

Anal sex toys are often used for couple flirting. Men and women often play with anal toys while masturbating. 

Why choose Sohimi's anal toys?

Many categories

On our website, you can find a wide variety of anal toys. We offer anal toys such as anal plugs, prostate massagers, prostate stimulators, anal beads, gay sex doll male butt, creative tail anal plugs for users.

Creative shapes

You can see bullet anal plugs, tail anal plugs, finger-shaped prostate massagers, banana-shaped prostate stimulators, bunny ear-shaped vibrators, and many sizes of anal beads on our official website. We have a blue jewelry-shaped anal plug. In the light, this butt plug tail shines. Our anal plugs look very beautiful. Sohimi investigated the buying preferences of female users, and then specially designed several beautiful anal plugs. These creative anal plugs can bring the ultimate beauty to women. The tail plug has a unique vibration function. This toy makes a woman look like an energetic little fox.

Diverse applicable groups

Whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight you can play with our anal plugs. Sohimi thinks that anyone can play with anal toys, not only because of the fun but also because its massage function is good for the prostate. 

Flexible and efficient charging device

Sohimi prostate vibration massager has a magnetic charging type, button battery type, and a DC charging port. And you only need to charge the toy for about an hour to enjoy two hours of sex.

Multiple functions

Sohimi anal plug toy with penis ring treats men's erectile dysfunction and slows down the blood flow back to the erect penis, keeping a man's penis firm for a longer time.

Our prostate massagers are equipped with the vibration function. Sohimi has designed a variety of vibration modes and pulse frequencies for prostate massagers, prostate stimulators, etc. The powerful vibration and pulsation can effectively massage the prostate, help men prevent diseases , and promote men's health.

Our prostate massager has ten vibration modes. Regular use can ease prostate disorders. In addition, many of our anal toys have a remote control. You can enjoy the unique sex experience brought by remote control anal toys with your lover. Proper use of anal toys can also help you prevent HIV.  

Comfortable and safe material

All of our anal toys are made of high-quality silicone to care for your skin. Poor-quality silicone can cause harm to your anus, so sohimi is strictly following health standards for the selection of product materials. This silicone material is friendly to the human body and as smooth as silk.

Competitive prices

Sohimi's anal toys are all priced to be acceptable to the general public. Our goal is to make cheap and good-quality anal toys available to everyone. Our anal toys are even cheaper than many big brands of sex toys.

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