New Global Ambassador from Japan- Sohimi


SOHIMI 16th Anniversary!

In commemoration of the anniversary year, the famous Japanese model RYO KANZAKI has been appointed as a global brand ambassador! Realized the first SOHIMI brand to appoint a Japanese-star.

SOHIMI (was born in 2006 and has headquarters in Sandvika, Norway. Japanese company:(株)ソヒミジャパ Shinjuku,Tokyo). A high-end sex toy brand developed by a team of world-class designers whose mission is to find love and pleasure and to add a new dimension to the sex life of all mankind.We are pleased to announce that the famous Japanese model star RYO KANZAKI has been appointed as a brand ambassador to liven up the memorable anniversary year of the "SOHIMI" brand.


Ryo has made his first debut on September 5, 2013 from [COAT · Hello!] Season by his gallant face, beautiful skin and muscle. He appeared like a comet with his brilliant debut work. [Ryo · 18 Years Old] and has just released his second work, [Hello! Ryo 2nd] Season at an exceptionally fast pace on December 5, the same year he established himself as a superstar actor in Japan.

The following year, he appeared in [COAT's seasons New Year!], [All-Star Swimming Competition], [Gymnastic Club Conquest], [Precious, Babylon], and [PREMIUM TAG], releasing 9 movies in one year. On July 8, 2016, he appeared in [EXTRA LEGEND]. 

Ryo has appeared in about 63 movies since his debut, and on August 9, 2019, he released a special best-of 4DISC [Early Time's RYO], a compilation of his career to date. After a period of study and rest, he made a successful comeback with the work [Welcome Back Ryo!!]. And on June 9, 2021, he released the solowork [RE:BORN RYO] from the RE:BORN series, followed by the urgent release of [RE:BORN RYO 2] on December 8 of the same year.

Ryo's bold acting skills have earned him the nickname "Sadism Prince Ryo," which has become a hot topic not only on social networking sites in Japan, but also in Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and other parts of Asia.


SOHIMI is a high-end sex toy brand developed by a team of world-class designers whose mission is to find love and pleasure and to add a new dimension to the sex life of all mankind. SOHIMI was born in 2006 in Sandvika, Norway. In just two years, SOHIMI's products have been loved by a large number of customers. Globally, SOHIMI has added many partners, from Sanvika to Tokyo, and has brought a lot of jobs to the region.

2012 was an important year for us as SOHIMI wanted more people to enjoy SOHIMI's products, and SOHIMI started an e-commerce business.

In 2016, SOHIMI received a series of important awards. Each trophy was recognized by all. Encouraged by the various trophies, SOHIMI carried out charity activities, helped underprivileged students, and contributed to foundations around the world. SOHIMI believes that every company has an obligation to be responsible for the society it operates in. This is progress for all of humanity.

In 2019, SOHIMI has increased our wholesale business. SOHIMI wants everyone in the world to see SOHIMI's products and know the SOHIMI brand. In the same year, SOHIMI acquired brands such as Proprogift, Treediride, and Eawesion, and SOHIMI's team grew.

Currently, SOHIMI has offices in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Hong Kong, and everyone can get the pleasure of SOHIMI in hundreds of retail stores and online stores in more than 30 countries/regions around the world. SOHIMI will continue to work hard and be there for your love.

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