What Is In A Man’s Mind Besides Sex Toys?

a woman moan in sex with her lover

Sex should be fun, but it can also be complicated.

Vague sexual language communication is an important form of sexual communication. When people speak, the vibrations in the voice express emotions and can stimulate our imagination. The language includes not only words information, but also tone, and volume. Using language to convey sexual demands to the other party or to respond to the other’s sexual demands can elevate general emotional communication to a rational understanding.

Human love is different from animal love, and its important foundation is emotional communication by means of language communication. Due to the influence of cultural level and concepts, the use of language in sexual communication often has the characteristics of vagueness.

A woman moan in sex with her lover

When a man and a woman are dating, the voice can act as a catalyst and aphrodisiac, and when a woman is affectionate, the voice will become softer. The voices of most women in love are charming, and the feeling and tone of talking to a lover are obviously different from usual, like adding honey to make men melt and excite. If the female voice can return to nature and softness, it is an invisible weapon to penetrate men.

Why Women Moan In Sex?

During sex, women sometimes make some moans on the bed. Through this sound, they can tell men about their sexual feelings. After hearing these sounds, men feel more sexually blessed. The most representative of this kind of voice was the voice of the old radio a long time ago. It is soft, light, and sweet, which makes men addicted. When sexual excitement and orgasm occur, the aphrodisiac calls made by men and women are also quite stimulating, especially for men.

There was a 28-year-old man who said: When I was having sex with my wife, I heard my wife’s voice. The more she called me, the more excited I was because her voice would make me think that I did something right to make her happy.

a couple are having sex on bed

Another 30-year-old man confessed that the low voice of his wife during orgasm is very seductive and provocative. It can be said that the linguistic communication of the man in the foreplay is very important to the woman’s sexual excitement, while in the intimacy process, the woman’s voice has an aphrodisiac effect on the man’s sexual excitement.

Women’s voices during sex are different, but their meaning is similar, such as fast, I can’t stand it, don’t stop and wait, they will blurt out naturally without learning, and no doubt women all over the world share with the same language.

But the reason why women with a faster breathing rate can scream during sexual excitement is due to the obvious acceleration of breathing and heart rate, central nervous system excitement, which leads to increased blood pressure and accelerated aerobic metabolism. At this moment, the breathing rate can reach 40 breaths/min, the heart rate can increase to 120 beats/min, and the individual can reach 150 breaths/min-160 breaths/min. Due to the decrease in oxygen content in the blood, women will fall into a mild hypoxic state, accelerated breathing disorders, and will naturally emit a muffled cry characteristic of orgasm.

At the same time, due to the increase of excitatory substances in women’s brains, it will relieve the inhibitory effect on the brain, causing women to make calls that are unimaginable by themselves.

Most men like woman calls. Quite a lot of men and women will take an attitude of joy and use the size of the voice as the criterion for judging the level of female sexual excitement. Very few men do not like a woman’s moan.

Women’s 4 voices make men soft which is to say that men like these kinds of voices. If the female voice is natural and soft, it is an invisible weapon to penetrate men.

Blurred voices. This kind of voice, as well as the voice of the old radio a long time ago, is soft, soft, and sweet, which makes men addicted.

Sweet voices, sweet and fresh voices, will make men’s impetuous and perplexed hearts, get calm and calm, even indulge in them, forget everything.

Magnetic sound. Using this voice to interpret the feminine taste of women is like a glass of old wine.

Sexy voice. Sexy voice is a relatively vague concept, but there is one word in this voice: soft. And the softness is the key to sexiness.

a couple are having sex on the bed

The Sound Of Sex?

Voices can tip us off not just to how people look, but perhaps to their level of sexual activity as well. A 2004 study looked at the relationship between voice attractiveness and body dimensions. In men, an attractive voice was correlated with a higher shoulder-to-hip ratio (broad shoulders, narrow waist); in women, voice attractiveness was correlated with waist-to-hip ratio (waist narrower than hips). The authors speculate that because testosterone influences both voice and physical development, a man’s deep baritone can indicate more muscle mass and strength, and hence, greater genetic fitness. Likewise, estrogen and progesterone influence a woman’s voice as well as her body dimensions, which can indicate her reproductive status.

Since voice is correlated symmetrical proportions, which play a large role in attractiveness, it’s no surprise that a person’s voice also corresponds to her sexual activity. The study also found that men and women with more attractive-sounding voices reported having more sexual partners had their first sexual intercourse at a younger age and were more promiscuous.

Love is a place where sound is especially needed. When a man caresses a woman, he especially hopes that the woman will respond. If the woman does not respond, the man thinks that his caressing is unsuccessful and will lose interest in continuing to love. Such love can hardly reach its climax. In fact, the sense of hearing occupies an important position in the sexual process of enriching psychological content, and its main function is to stimulate the emotions of both parties through it. When expressing the feeling of sex, the voice has a special function, and it also brings many subtle meanings to it. Hearing is also particularly inspired when it accepts a variety of love voices. At this time, men love to listen to coquettish love words, and they also love to hear moans without exact words.

a couple are having sex and woman moan

A psychologist once wrote: There is no better view in the world than a beautiful face, and there is no voice sweeter than the voice of love in the heart. The female voice with a special sentiment has an important influence on every intimacy and every one-time life. Like the singing of a nightingale, it fascinates men; it also encourages and admires men like applause. In the symphony of love, men are more engaged, and the sea of love is ups and downs… In short, both men and women have a full range of feelings about love, and the organs for feeling love are also diverse. It is not a single use of sexual organs, but a comprehensive combination of all aspects. It’s feelings.


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