Rose Queen - Best Women’s Gift For Pride Month

Rose Queen - Best Women’s Gift For Pride Month

The concept of Rose Toy has been upgraded to the Rose Toy Pro version, as the best gift for women in pride month, only to provide women with the pride and sense of ritual that pride month enjoys the most. It represents pride, equality, free love. Rose Queen looks like a small microphone in the shape of a rose, more like a torch in the hands of the Statue of Liberty.

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For women, the symbolic meaning represented by Rose Queen both in terms of appearance and design concept fits the pride and sense of ritual promoted by the pride month. We can hold up the rainbow flag while holding up the Rose Queen in the pride month parade. This is an extremely bold, innovative and free idea and action, which is very worthy of our pride.

Rose Queen Symbolizes Pride

Honestly, women need a sense of pride and ritual brought to them by a group. Rose Queen brings true pride in women with exquisite rose prototype design and practical functions. In other words, the female user experience of Rose Queen is extremely good, and it is a sincere sense of collective ritual.

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The appearance of Rose Queen designs is very unique. From the perspective of the first layer, it is based on the design of roses. The color of the rose is red, the petal head is small and exquisite, the ends are hard, the middle is soft, and the petal head is soft. A close-fitting metal ring with a flower handle connects the flower head and the flower handle. In a derivative sense of the second layer, Rose Queen is like a torch in the hands of the Statue of Liberty. Flower head is the source of fire. The goddess held the torch proudly.

Kissing you

Of course, I am not saying that Rose Queen is the torch in the hands of the Lady Liberty, but the prototype of the design concept of Rose Queen is similar to the symbolic meaning of the torch in the hands of the Lady Liberty. Its symbolic meaning is freedom, equality, love and pride. And it is no exaggeration to say that the design of the Rose Queen is also in line with the symbolic meaning of pride month.

Hold High the Rainbow Flag And Rose Queen

Imagine that when we celebrate our pride month in New York City. On this day, rainbow flags symbolizing "comrade pride" will be fluttered throughout New York City. If we hold the rainbow flag in our left hand and Rose Queen in our right hand, as the boldest attempt and creative move, we only enjoy the pride and ritual brought to us by the pride month. And the LGBTQ community will follow with great momentum cross 26th Street and Fifth Avenue, continue across Christopher Street and Stonewall National Monument, and finally continue along Seventh Avenue and end on 23rd Street. Through such actions, we are enjoying the sense of ritual and pride brought to us by LGBTQ unity.


Is there anyone worried that displaying Rose Queen in public will be seen as a sex toy? Regarding this, we can rest assured that everyone who has bought it knows that Rose Queen's exquisite and compact appearance is not like a sex toy. It is more like an elegant little rose toy, no one will associate it with a sex toy at all. If you don't buy it, then buy it and try it, then show it to your friends and ask them to guess what is it?

Rose Queen For Single Lesbian

So, from the perspective of use, Rose Queen is suitable for singles, lesbians, couples. During pride month, lesbians can use Rose Queen happily. Anyone who has used Rose Queen knows that Rose Queen is very light and its size is 1.8*1.8*8.3inch, weighs 150g, which is equivalent to the weight of 3 eggs, which means you can put Rose Queen in your bag and carry it with you easily whether it is a large bag or a small satchel.

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If you are a single lesbian, then you must take Rose Queen as a gift for you to take part in pride month. You can not only hold it as a small torch during the parade but also use it as a sex toy in a real sense. After all, its practical use is mainly for pleasure women. In the evening, after listening to the famous Madonna concert, you must be very excited at that time cuz you are enjoying the great satisfaction of hearing. When you return to the place where you live, you have to soak in a hot bath. You can use Rose Queen in the bathtub. You need to know that the waterproofness of Rose Queen is 100%. The bathtub is women's favorite place to enjoy masturbating. The pleasure of playing with Rose Queen in the water is simply amazing. Also, you can use  ROSE EGG Vibrator with Rose Queen together which will add your sexual pleasure well.

A lesbian from California shared that she most enjoys the sexual pleasure that Rose Queen brings to her in the bathtub. Normally, she likes to turn on the super vibration mode of Rose Queen's flower stalk first to massage her shoulders for about 5 minutes. After waiting for the nerves to relax completely, lie in the bathtub and turn on the third sucking mode of the petal head to stimulate her neck, ears, and nipples. After her sexual desire is stimulated, she will turn on the 10 vibration modes of the vibrator to stimulate her vagina, and she can reach the climax of vagina G-sport and P-sport in about 30 seconds. Sometimes she wants to masturbate again, Rose Queen can always satisfy her multiple vaginal orgasms. So, on this beautiful and special night, you can also try to play with Rose Queen in the bathtub like her, and let Rose Queen lead you to experience orgasm well. 

Rose Queen For Couple Lesbian

If you are a lesbian couple participating in pride month, it's even more fun. Two people usually have more than one person's fun. During pride month, you can listen to the concert together and use Rose Queen as a support stick in your hands. When you are excited, you can wave Rose Queen in your hands, or use Rose Queen in your hands to give each other a high-five, as a way to talk to each other, it is like an interactive link.

Orgasm time

When you participate in cosplay & pride activities, Rose Queen can dress up as your secret weapon, and you are the most elegant and invincible partner. At night,you can also go to the private theater together to watch a movie and enjoy your movie night. In the private theater, you can use Rose Queen's petal head sucking mode to tease each other's ears and nipples through the clothes. This is indeed a very exciting thing to do. Your sexual desire will be quickly stimulated. At this time, I suggest going back to where you live or a nearby hotel to continue doing stimulating things with each other. After all, you have to know that having sex in a movie theater is very likely to be peeped, even in a private theater with only the two of you.


When you return to the place where you live, you are even more impatient and excited. You want to have sex with each other. At this time, Rose Queen's vibrator  can assist you in making love that is suitable for any sexual position. Do enough tease and excitement during foreplay, and then enter the double orgasm of vaginal vibration. You groan to each other, and the sweet erotic sound stimulates each other's hearing. You look at each other's most touching moments, as if in the world, you only have each other, only share the pleasure of each other, you are perfectly fused, and you love each other with pride.

Take Rose Queen As a Sweet Gift

Rose Queen's appearance appreciation and practical functions are very strong. During pride month, the sexual pleasure that Rose Queen brings to women is very worth trying which is the best gift for women during pride month! So,whether you want to use it alone or with your couple, you can use it as a sense of ritual of a sweet gift, and enjoy the fun it brings to you.