How to Have Multiple Orgasms Through Masturbation For Men

men orgasm like an melt ice cream

For Penis

Imagine you rub your hands all over on the penis and the top of the penis. At the point when a man does this to himself, it is called masturbation. Masturbation is likewise called wanking or jerking off. A man is energized by a masturbation and may arrive at climax, which may be the most pleasurable thing on the planet.

  • Play the porn or make other preparations.
  • Hold your penis immovably yet tenderly in your grasp.
  • Slide your hand all over on the penis and the top of the penis.
  • Use your whole hand or just your thumb and a couple of fingers.
  • Make a short or a long stroke.
  • Slow, quick or quicker and quicker.
  • Use salivation or lube while jerking off. A few men like it when it is elusive.
  • Add a male masturbator into this game.

Most of us know that women can have "multiple orgasms." Sustained stimulation of the vagina or clitoris, either manual, oral or through intercourse, can sometimes bring on successive orgasms, often of growing intensity.

We also know that men can't really do this because after ejaculation there is a "refractory" period when our erection subsides. Some guys can have a couple in a row if they keep it upright through the refractory period. But, for the most part, we have to wait a while and start over. We'd be psyched if we had a handful of orgasms over a few hours.

In fact, men can also have multiple successive orgasms. This is called Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). The key is to have an orgasm without ejaculating. This seems like a crazy idea, because we always think orgasm and ejaculation are the same things! But actually, they are not. Men can have "dry" or "non-ejaculatory" orgasms. These are not ejaculatory orgasms where in the last second the semen is halted. There is no ejaculatory reflex at all. Typically, your penis is left entirely unstimulated.

men orgams

Not only can men have successive non-ejaculatory orgasms, but those orgasms can be extremely intense — more intense than your good old ejaculation. Some men may remember a time when they had the most intense orgasm of my life. Exceptionally strong ejaculatory orgasms may involve loud involuntary vocalizations and an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Non-ejaculatory orgasms commonly have an intensity in that range. What's more, you can have a massive chain reaction of them for a half-hour, hour, or more.

It’s not greedy to want the most euphoric sex imaginable. 

For Anal

Except for your penis, don't forget your prostate which is called the “male G-spot”, there is your golden ticket to an intense and full-body experience on one of the male erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is a highly sensitive area of the body that may generate a sexual response when stimulated. So if you haven’t enjoyed it, now is the best time. 

men butt

Anal masturbation with fingers or anal plugs is also a way for some men to achieve orgasm. Since the anal muscles contract during orgasm, the presence of objects that keep the sphincter open can enhance the sensation of contraction and exacerbate orgasm. If have to make a distinction between anal sex and anal intercourse, whether use a penile for direct insertion is the main factor. We usually use anal intercourse to describe penile-anal penetration and anal sex for any form of anal sexual activity. Since there are a large number of nerve endings in the anal area, and stretching the anal sphincter when inserting the finger increases irritation, this practice may be pleasant. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ inside the rectum and just under the bladder. It wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. It tends to get larger with age, making it easier to locate.

To find the prostate, a person can insert a lubricated finger into the rectum, then push slightly on the front wall of the rectum. They may feel a slight bulge. It is recommended to use anal plug series from Sohimi with high-quality water-based lubricant to increase pleasure and facilitate insertion. 

You can start off slow by using one finger to gently rub the outside and inside of your anal opening, then insert your finger gradually to massage your prostate. Increase the speed and motion as the pleasure begins to build until you’re ready to finish. 

Anal play isn’t for every man, and I understand why you might be reticent to try it. It's still a bit taboo, and it can get a little messy. But if you're down to do butt stuff, you might discover the wonders of the prostate orgasm, and it's like no penile orgasm you've ever experienced.

For Nipples

There are many other changes in male masturbation techniques. Men may also rub or massage the glans, the rim of the glans, and the frenular delta. Some men place their hands directly on their penis during masturbation, while others may stroke their testicles, nipples, or other parts of the body with their free hands.

men nipples

Nipples are erogenous zones to millions of people. And like any special patch of so-labeled skin, stimulated nipples to invoke wickedly erotic sensibilities. The exact feeling is hard to pin down: it's like floating, like fire, like flying, like high vibrations, like trees swaying in the breeze, like the perfect temperature of the water, like the best bubble bath. 

Having a nipple orgasm unfastened men. And they're not just for women, either. Studies show men can get off this way, too. It's not so far-fetched when you consider nipples have more than 800 nerve endings, release oxytocin when stimulated, and are the erogenous zones in closest proximity to the heart.  

Nipples are the sensual area, and strong stimulation to them during masturbation usually causes the penis to erect faster than otherwise. We would recommend Vibrating Dual Penis Ring. Compared with other Penis toys, it is not too tight or small, because it is adjustable. There is no need to worry about how to choose a suitable size. Everybody can use this adjustable penis massager, giving you strong stimulation and sexual pleasure. And this one can massage your nipples as you want. 

sohimi dual cock ring

Some people may keep their hands still while pumping water with pelvic thrust to simulate the action of sexual intercourse. Some people may lie down in a prone position and rub their genitals with a bed sheet or other surface. This technique is called prone masturbation. Don't forget to try Penis Massager from Sohimi. It can massage male penis and stimulate the anus. Unlike other penis rings, this sex toy provides extra pressure and amazing stimulation to your perineum with a taint teaser on the inside. Let the penis massager fits around your cock and balls tightly, stimulates your perineum with gentle pressure. Your penis, balls and perineum will be under pleasurable vibration when put on the button, relax and enjoy the wonderful time. 

sohimi feder penis message

When taking a bath or shower, a man can direct water to his frenulum, testicles or perineum by holding the shower head. Don't worry, the above two cock rings are waterproof.  

Now let us have the conclusion for you:


It's high-intensity continuous stimulation of the glans, achieving multiple orgasms and squirting effects. Pay attention to relaxation and do not suppress the urinary urge.


The word means "edge", which is to keep on the edge of the verge of orgasm through breathing, finger pressing, muscle control, stop stimulation, etc., to extend the period of time before ejaculation, so as to enjoy multiple orgasms. This method is unisex.

a couple lie in the bed for sex

Stop stimulating the penis before orgasm, and relax the urethra and perineum. At this time, the semen will flow out instead of ejaculation, and refractory period will not occur.

Prostate orgasm

Stimulate the prostate and perineum to reach a super orgasm. During this period, semen may flow out, but it is not ejaculated, and there will be no refractory period.

The focus of prostate orgasm is also relaxation, and its highest state is Super-O, which is a dreamy and selfless ultimate orgasm.