How teenagers purcahse sex toys?


After the first experience of seeing the adult video, I became so curious about sex. As a teenager under 18, it was illegal to buy sex toys in my country, and I had no boyfriend to experience sex.


Under the age of 18, I couldn’t buy sex toys from offline stores, except for some irregular shops. So you can imagine what happened to me, I bought a dildo with a hard material, and it didn’t bring any pleasure as I thought. I didn’t believe that sex can bring the same feeling as in porn until I met my boyfriend and he bought me several toys online. And this is why I quit my job as a French teacher to a sex toy trier in Sohimi.


As a sex toy company staff, I do have some suggestions!


If you are under 18, you’d better stay calm and try to do other things to convert your attention to sex. If it’s really too hard, shop online with your own card! To be honest, why should sex toy users be over 18? Sometimes, it’s just at the time to use it, it must be better than hanging out with bad guys, right?


If you’d like to shopping offline, make sure you have an ID card over 18! No one would know what you bought even your parents. Never buy any sex toys in irregular shops. I wish everyone’s first experience a pleasurable and delightful one!


The most important thing is to check out whether the toy is made of safe material!


In 2020, it’s much more convenient to shop online than offline. There are too many brands out there, be careful to choose the one that fits you.


As an employee form Sohimi, I’d love my company so much! We are a professional sex toy company for over 10 years and we offer a "no-for-return" policy. If you buy our products and are not 100% satisfied, you can get a refund at any time. With a plain boxes packaging, no one would find out what it is in that box.