Do You Like Gay Lovers Who Use Anal Plugs?

kissing gay couple

In heterosexuality, one person is the husband and the other is the wife. In a gay relationship, two people play different emotional roles. For gay men, a gentle and charming man has more maternal color. This means that he will be a "wife" side. A man who makes his partner feel powerful and strong plays the role of "husband”. If it's masturbation, gay men of different temperaments will be happy to use sex toys that match their temperament. If two people have sex together, they may want to use sex toys that both of them like.

Many gay men like backdoor games. They will use anal toys as the ideal toys, for example, anal plugs. But this is not absolute, there are some people who have their unique views.

What is the top?

Among gay men, the top generally plays a more active role in their sex lives. And this more proactive attitude than bottom makes tops the ones who actively explore their partners during sex. Top's position in sex isn't necessarily above your partner's, but they must be positive. Tops want to have strong, thick penises.

strong top man


They may prefer to actively insert the penis into the other person's anus or put the anus plug into the anus. Some tops have a strong desire to control their sex, and they will grasp the rhythm of sex. Whether it's positive sex or backdoor games, they're the ones who take the initiative.

What is the top’s view on lovers using anal plugs?

Many men who act as tops in sex are willing to have sex with their partners with anal plugs. They don't resist plugs that bring wonderful sex to their partners and themselves. If their partner loves plugs, they'll find it attractive. When having sex, tops will enjoy the moment if their partner pull out chic electric anus plugs into their anus, and lets the remote control on. It's a wonderful visual treat! Watching your partner's body shake like a dance with a small plug will make them feel so sexy!

Lover using anal plugs is charming

In the view of many tops, anal sex is a very normal thing to do. They are happy to think that a partner who uses anal is very attractive because the partner will concave his body in a beautiful pose when using anal plugs. Such a body shape is very attractive to them. And some anal plug toys are designed in a very sexy shape. Such designs can make tops hot!

This is a beautiful anal plug from sohimi, it will bring top a different sensory experience. This anal plug is inlaid with beautiful blue stones and small bells. Imagine a nice evening, your partner is this small cute toy slowly inserted into the anus.

tail anal plug

You look at your partner's pouting ass with his back to you, his perfect anus with a shiny gemstone. So you turn on the electric device and hold your partner and start a sexual bounce with him. But you can also explore another way to play with your partner. You can put the chain on the front of your partner's head and watch his hot body. Ruler, this is your preferred style! You can unleash your desire to conquer!

If your partner uses such an anal plug, I think you will not want to break up with him. Because the person who has this anal plug must be the one who shines in sex! This is a special anal toy. This anal plug has a long pink tail at the end. The texture of this cute and seductive tail is very soft. A glamorous partner will attract not only your eyes and penis, but also your soul. No top can resist such a flirtatious and sexy another half. Your partner lies on his side beside you, showing his pink foxtail and swaying his body. Your bodies pressed together, making passionate love to the vibrations of the anal plug! This is when you'll want to be with him forever!

What is the bottom?

In general, a bottom is the one who gives up control during sex and can be said to like the manipulated party. In gay sex videos, the top always inserts his penis into the bottom's anus. But every bottom enjoys the sexual pleasure of being inserted and occupied. "When I had sex, I loved the feeling of being fucked!" That's cool! "A lot of bottoms like to tease and play with top, and they like to please tops in sex. But while the bottom gives up control, that doesn't mean they can't express themselves in sex.

What is the top’s view on lovers using anal plugs?

As a bottom, they often use anal plugs when masturbating. If he is a novice, he is most likely to use transparent or other plugs without an electric device. If he is already proficient in using anal plugs, then electric anal plugs will be ideal for masturbation partners.

As a result, bottoms are more than happy to find a partner who plays with stuffing toys like themselves. This way, they can explore the backdoor world together.

However, they want their partner to choose some dark-colored anal plug toy.

bottom gay man

Because they think this color will make their partner look stronger. Light-colored anal plugs do not satisfy their desire to be manipulated during sex.

Vibration modes are very popular with the bottom, and they use them to experience the pleasure of being manipulated by the top. If you're a top who's passionate about using vibrating, the bottom will be attracted to you. The difference is that if top masturbation uses vibrating anal vibrator or vibrating anal beads, large vibrations can make the top look more powerful. This vibration pushes the top to release its male charm.


What is the ideal sex toy for a versatile?

If you can freely switch back and forth between the male and magnetic roles. Then you must have tried using different anal plug toys. Whether it's a mature and stable top or a sexy and hot bottom, you can play it all. It can be said that you have a variety of characteristics. Dominance, strength, gentleness, weakness are all words that can be used to describe you! You seek excitement, the general androgynous or magnetic role of the partner has not been able to meet your desire in sex. You are looking for a partner who is as versatile as you are! 

Neither you nor your partner will refuse to use anal plugs toys. But anal sex or penile penetration makes you feel uninspired and passionate. It's such a fucked up thing to do!

BDSM sex toy


Open the door to BDSM with your partner, it's the ideal world for your sex! When playing with BDSM toys, you can change the role of control and manipulate at will.

Go crazy for oral sex

This is a good BDSM toy from sohimi. This face pocket pussy looks more realistic than a regular ball gag or tape gag. The ultimate visual pleasure arises from this! It is also a small creation of oral sex that can be carried around.

BDSM pocket pussy


You can take a silk scarf and blindfold your partner, then let him take this toy with him to kiss and massage your penis. The realistic design simulates the internal structure of a vagina. As your partner puts your penis into this "vagina," your penis feels like it's being sucked into it. "Enjoy the thrill of rubbing and sucking your penis!"

Someone don’t like gay lovers who use anal plugs

While most gay men and their lovers will enjoy anal plug toys. Rectal sexual pleasure is more lasting and efficient than penile penetration.

There are still some gay men who do not want to use anal plug sex toys. "It was a nightmare! I was in such a hurry to get my enema in that I didn't clean it out! When I inserted the anal plug, feces came out! I never want to remember this!" Some gay men are not confident in their cleanup practices and are reluctant to try such sex toys on their own again. Such gay men also cannot accept that their partner is a user of anal plug toys. "If my partner makes me use such a toy with him that would humiliate me, I'd rather our love ended there!"

Anal sex toys make love sweeter

People often refer to the female vagina as a love tunnel. Similarly, the anus is a love tunnel for gay couples. Making love is a beautiful thing to express love and to communicate physically. Anal sex toys drive up the emotions between partners.

kissing gay couple

When anal orgasms occur, lovers become closer to each other physically and mentally. Sex is not only the passion of physical collision but also the sublimation of the soul. Even though each person likes different sex toys, each pair of lovers has the same heart for their lover.