9 Couples' Experiences! Intimate Hobbies That Enhance Affection

Intimate Hobbies

When we're alone, we often do "strange" things, especially when we're single. We've little idiosyncrasies that we don't want to show in public, like eating cheese in bed at 10 a.m., painting our toenails for hours, or peeing in the shower...
When you meet your true love, you will be able to spend more time as a couple, you will have to consider not only your own feelings and needs, but also the specific habits of your partner. So you will start doing new private things with your partner that belong to you guys, another novelty, another pleasure!
Shared habits between couples are the result of mutual understanding and tolerance, only in general people rarely talk about these things publicly. Today, these 8 romantic couples show you what couples really look like.

Intimate Hobbies


Couple quirks #1: Never wear pants at home

As long as my girlfriend and I enter the house, we take off our pants. Whether we're cooking, eating, or surfing the internet, we don't wear pants. Our rule is: "No shoes, no pants, it's more comfortable."

--Rob, 25

Couple quirk #2: Watching different movies in the same theater

My boyfriend and I both write about pop culture for a living, so we go to the movies together almost every week. We drive to the movie theater together and stand in line for tickets together, but afterwards we kiss goodbye and go to different movies.

Our preferences are completely opposite: he likes superhero movies, action movies, and horror movies, and I like to watch romantic comedies or movies with poignant endings.

After the movie, we had dinner together nearby and talked about the movies we had seen. Even though we did not like each other's movies, we both enjoyed hearing each other's funny comments.

Intimate Hobbies

More than once I met friends at the movies who asked me, "Why are you alone?" and I said, "I did not come alone." Since we are both movie fans, it is very important to us that we are not forced to see movies we do not like. Of course, there are exceptions. If a movie is funny and vulgar, we sit in the same theater and eat the same bucket of popcorn.

--Chelsea, 26

Couple quirk #3: It all starts again with a "Hi"

When our phone conversations get serious or we're talking about something complicated, my boyfriend gets the conversation going again by saying "Hi.
This allows us to step away from the negativity, whether at a party or at work, and the "Hi" allows us to notice each other's presence.
We don't have to express our feelings through complicated words, questions, and statements; a "hi" essentially says, "I miss you."
--Erin, 27

Couple quirk #4: We sing loudly when the other is in the bathroom

The first night I moved into my fiancé's apartment, I was a little nervous and realized I couldn't be as natural as he was. I'd never been in the bathroom of the house before and had no idea what was going on in the bathroom.

I knew he would never care what I was doing, but I was self-conscious and I was worried that our honeymoon period would end there. I felt uncomfortable like I was going to a stranger's place. But then he suddenly started singing, loud and hard, but it made me feel more comfortable and I knew he didn't care about a single thing I did.

I started laughing, which completely dispelled my fear, and I started doing the same: When he went to the bathroom, I also started singing loudly. After two weeks together, we felt completely comfortable with each other, even in the bathroom. We sang loudly, which was fun and reminded us to be considerate of each other's feelings.

--Marina, 28

Intimate Hobbies

Couple quirk #5: We call each other by our pet's name

For my boyfriend and I, our "weird habit" is based on language, but it's also because we have a cat that we treat like a child.

Our cat can respond to words, so we have a habit of giving notice when we feed the her. She eats at 9am and 9pm, so our common verbal cue is "Do you want foos (very high pitched)? instead of saying food. I don't know where it pops up, but when we say it, it scurries around the kitchen with glee.

Another personal thing we do is that we call each other by our pet's name, so I often call him by his name starting with b as a way of saying I miss him.

--Justin, 29

Couple quirk #6: I do weekly hair tests for my boyfriend

My boyfriend is a confident, considerate and successful man. He's in his 20s and has a full head of black hair, but he's terrified of going bald. I've told him countless times that "even if your hair falls out, I still think you're sexy," but that doesn't put him at ease.

One day, he wanted me to do him a big favor: look carefully at his scalp and tell him if he had lost any hair on his head that looked bald, and he asked me to tell him the truth 100%. At first, I didn't want to do this, and frankly, it was too boring.

But he asked me again and again to help him, so I had to compromise and I spent about ten minutes checking him, as if I were looking for lice on his head. His hair was intact, which made him very happy, and he asked me to do it again.

After a year of doing this, I noticed that he seemed to have hair loss on his forehead, just a little bit, which normally wouldn't bother anyone, and I didn't think it was a big deal, and I remembered my promise to him and told him the truth, but I was still worried that it would scare him, but he actually calmly thanked me for my honesty and then immediately made an appointment with a hair care specialist, and now he is taking medical steps to save his hair.

I still check his hair like some gorillas do when they are intimate with their partners, which I think most people would think is weird, but I think it's just fine, I'm just doing it to meet his needs.

--Mary, 29

Intimate Hobbies

Couple quirk #7: We made noise for each other

When I had known him for almost six or seven months, I began to growl at him for no reason. The ranting sound started out like an elongated "raaaawr" sound, but now it has turned into an alarm-like "reer-reer-reer" sound.

We've been together for more than a year, and now every time we see each other we scream "reer" at each other, whether it's in bed, on the bus, or on the sidewalk, people stare at us.

-- Allison, 26

Couple quirk #8: We tell each other how we feel every day

We say "I love you the most" to each other every day, it's our way of reminding each other.

Yes, love is great and it's all we have, but it's pretty important that we're each other's favorite person, which to us means not only that we love each other, but that we're each other's most important person.

--Kelly, 27

Couple quirk #9: Spice things up with Sohimi sex toys

My girlfriend and I love to use sex toys during sex and my favorite is the Sohimi penis enlarger, using it makes my penis bigger at a rate visible to the naked eye. My girlfriend thinks it's great, and now I can't live without it.
Also, my girlfriend likes to wear the Face Pocket Pussy because she has a tendency of BDSM and it makes her feel excited. She says it also stops her teeth from touching the penis and keeps her mouth hygienic. She can't get enough of this toy now.

--York, 25

Intimate Hobbies

Do you and your partner have a common "couple quirk"?

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