What Should I Do If I Can't Get an Erection?

What Should I Do If I Can't Get an Erection?

A reader sent me a message saying that he has problems with erections and that some men find themselves unable to get an erection when having sex with a couple, this situation is very detrimental to the maintenance of the couple's relationship and has a great psychological impact on men. So, how should this situation be handled? Let's find out below!can't erection

Readers' real-life cases

The following is shared anonymously through the consent of the reader.

His situation is more complicated, 28 years old, in addition to mild hypertension and hyperlipidemia, no other physical problems, and masturbation since the age of 10:

  1. has been using lying down, straight legs, with the left or right side of the penis to press the bed plate ejaculation way, the last two years to know that this is not right, perhaps the body is used to, now hand jerk also must be straight legs to erection.
  2. He loved beautiful women's feet when he was a child, only love to watch beautiful feet, bondage, erotic toys, sm-type videos, watch other ordinary sex videos will not always erection.

can't erection

    He has no previous sexual experience, this year has a girlfriend, sex has nearly 10 times, none of each is smooth:

    1. Only when she uses her hands and feet to help me ejaculate (especially feet) or when I mildly abuse her, I can reach the degree of erection that can penetrate, but no matter how long, never orgasm.
    1. Every time I want to penetrate, once I reach the vagina, it will go soft, and so far I have not succeeded in penetrating.

    Since I discovered the problem, I have taken two ways to solve it:

    1. after self Google, compound 9 capsules a day for 32 days, while tadalafil 5mg a day for 17 days, the effect is not good, so go to the hospital.
    1. The doctor first let me do an erection test, the machine clamped on the penis to watch conventional sex videos, however the film does not suit my taste, the environment is also bad, there is basically no erection, the doctor said it is a functional problem, prescribed a number of capsules and tadalafil, to this day capsules 15 a day to eat 21 days, tadalafil every time before sex to eat 10mg.

    These drugs have improved the duration of being able to achieve an adequate erection, but still have not solved the two key problems mentioned above, could it be that I have a psychological disorder?

    can't erection

    Key points to note

    1. Cause of the disease
    1. How to treat
    1. What to pay attention to on a daily basis
    1. Should I accept or overcome my special fetishes (foot fetish, bondage, SM)? For example, should I still pursue these behaviors during sex?

    (issued with the consent of the person concerned)

    Recommendations for improving erections

    Thanks for writing in. The cause of the disease is multifaceted, but I think it is mainly related to your sexual preference - foot fetish masochism, which may have a very deep-seated reason behind it, and be more direct, it may be related to your early sexual initiation.

    I will mainly answer how to deal with it for reference: 

    First, make an appointment for psychosexual counseling and use medication under the guidance of your doctor. In terms of medication and physical examination, regular review and explanation of your preferences and conditions with your doctor will also facilitate diagnosis. Medications can improve your erectile status and help you build confidence in your erections.

    Perhaps the best way for you to help you rebuild your sex life pattern is to make an appointment for psychosexual counseling. Currently you are stuck in a vicious cycle of poor erections, inability to complete sex, psychological stress, which in turn causes difficulty getting an erection, and over time it becomes more difficult to have sex. A good therapist and your partner can work together to figure out how to push you into the positive cycle. 

    Medications and sexual counseling are both external aids. You need to choose what is right for you, depending on your situation. 

    can't erection

    Second, adjust your emotions. Life seems to have given you an opportunity to find a problem at this time, so here comes our chance to solve it. Now that you are still young and you have looked for a professional to help you, think about what you looked like when you were successful, exercise properly, believe in yourself, give yourself some time, and keep an optimistic mindset is very important.

    Accepting your fetishes can help improve your problem. Everyone has a sexual fetish, as long as it doesn't interfere with "normal" sex, which means vaginal intercourse. For you, it may take a while to move from your sexual preference to vaginal intercourse.

    Of course, in addition to positive changes in attitude, you can also use external force trainers to stimulate your penis. Sohimi's new QUINCY is a penis trainer, This male training tool mastubrator is designed especially for men to stimulate their cock and glans to reduce sensitivity to prolong endurance so as to improve their durability in sex life.
    The inner circled textures enhanced the friction and vibration for better stimulation during the training process.

    can't erection

    In short, don't be afraid to be active in your treatment. If you can't manage it alone, then book a consultation with a specialist and come together to figure it out. Be thankful to meet.


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