How To Make Men's Sexual Pleasure Soar?

How To Make Men's Sexual Pleasure Soar?


Orgasm is the ultimate goal of sexual life.

It can make the body and mind more pleasant and enhance the relationship between husband and wife. However, as the pace of life accelerates, coupled with the pressure of life and work, many men have a lack of sexual pleasure at a young age, so you might as well try these tips to increase sexual pleasure with and without male sex toys.


Under the condition of maintaining a certain indoor temperature, take a bath with alternating hot and cold water. Enter the bathtub first, and then come out of the bathtub. Basin the genital area with cold water for three minutes, then enter the bathtub after contraction of the genitals. Repeat 3 to 5 times, which can enhance male energy and sexual performance and reduce sexual fatigue.

Work Out

Exercise can enhance the oxygen level of the whole body, promote the secretion of testosterone, keep the reproductive system healthy, and maintain male sexual performance. At least two vigorous exercises a week, such as strength training, running, brisk walking, and rope skipping, can increase energy, relax the body and mind, improve the quality of sexual life, and make it easier to get an orgasm.

Sexual fantasies

In your spare time, you can close your eyes, think about yourself with a perfect woman, or imagine specific details, which can enhance the secretion of male hormones in the body and increase the sensitivity of the body's closed organs to sex.

Stimulate the inguinal canal

The groin can transport blood to the genital area, and by stimulating the inguinal canal, it can improve sexual function. The specific method is to use two fingers to press the roots of the genitals from top to bottom to stimulate blood flow. Massage once every night before going to bed.

Wear cotton underwear

Polyester underwear will inhibit sperm production. Polyester and fabric underwear will generate an electrostatic field in the penis tissue, which will reduce male sexual function, so men should choose loose cotton underwear and underwear with better air permeability.

The joy of male sex toys

"Have a sense of conquest, evoke a line from the back to the butt of the erotic zone", "exudes a criminal anger, and it feels good", etc., are the main reasons that arouse the male sense of conquest. There are also reasons for awakening male animal instincts, such as "when inserting from behind, you can ignore her feelings and just do what you want." When you use this position, it’s not necessarily easier to insert penis than from the front, so with the help of this Vibrating Dual Penis Ring, it will make you feel what is super awesome.


Face-off position accounts for the overwhelming majority, and most of the reasons are "skins can be close together"; in addition, there are other reasons such as "you can see each other's face" and "you can feel at ease". "Basically, the last resort to a truly beloved woman is to have a normal position." Many people also hold the above-mentioned opinions. The body and mind can be integrated into a normal position. It can be said that they want to have sex with their beloved woman. Some men will penetrate their girls deeply when using this position, but at the same time this experience will cause numbness in some parts, so with the help of this Sohimi BANANA Prostate Stimulator, you will get a double excitement. If you don’t experience it once, then you can't be called the master of sex.



"You can clearly see the woman's expression", "you can see the other side's sexual position like cowgirl’s helper that will produce pleasure", men actually want to see the female's expression; in addition, there is also "the woman is working hard to achieve orgasm, which is very provocative" , "I can't stand the sight of breasts shaking in front of my eyes" and other visual enjoyment; of course, some people have put forward physical opinions such as "effortless". If you ask me what's the use of this Erection Cock Ring, I say it can be extended to something she can't accept, you know what I mean, I mean countless orgasm to her.


When you can satisfy your boyfriend, please also tell him to respect your thoughts and your favorite position, because the essence of the relationship is to make both parties happy. If it is only controlled by one person, then you may be long-term. I will only feel that I have been used, and it will be detrimental to both parties over time. If you want your relationship to last for a long time, you must boldly present your ideas, then communicate together and go further.


 As long as you really want to get sexual pleasure, you can always do it.


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