Have You Bought the Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen

Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen is Top 1 Sex Toy For Women

Rose Queen is the top 1 among rose vibrator. Users who have used it recognize her practical experience and exquisite appearance. The delicate rose red color is a classic among rose colors and is loved by many women. There are many colors of roses, and roses of different colors represent these different symbolic meanings. The red rose represents enthusiasm, the yellow rose represents cherished blessing and jealousy, the purple rose represents romance and precious uniqueness, the white rose represents purity and innocence, the black rose represents tenderness and sincerity, the orange rose represents friendship and youthful beauty, and the blue rose represents honesty, kindness. So what kind of rose is the queen of roses? I bet most of us will speak of red roses right now. Are red roses really the queen? The truth is 100% yes.

Rose Queen is Representative of Passion

Rose Queen is the color of a rose red. As we know, the rose of rose red color is the most classic and beautiful color to express passionate love. Women are very obsessed with this color. It is a symbol of sexy, charming, passionate unrestrained, and beautiful. Men represent black, and women represent red. Black and red represent the two levels of warm and cool colors, just like the positive and negative levels of a magnet, attracting each other.

Rose Queen on Sohimi

Therefore, the dazzling red represents women to some extent, red is a symbol of women, and red roses are a symbol of beautiful women. Rose Queen is considering the position of the female group, giving this female masturbation toy a more noble and beautiful ritual sense. We hope that when women use it, they can imagine that they are the queen of their world and have the initiative to get sexual pleasure. The Rose Queen, designed with roses as the prototype, fits women's pursuit of passion and elegant ritual. So when a woman sees it, at first sight, she gets a lot of goodwill from women. Honestly, Rose Queen had women at hello.

Red Roses are Loved by Many Women

In ancient Greek myths and legends, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, rejected Zeus's love. Zeus turned love to hate and forced Aphrodite to marry Hephaestus, the ugliest god of fire. But she had secretly fallen in love with the beautiful young God Adonis, and Aphrodite was in great pain.

I love you


One day, Adonis was out hunting and was bitten by a wild boar. The blood flow continued. When he fell to the ground, he let out a long scream: "Aphrodite--" Hearing the lover's tragic call, Aphrodite rushed to rescue him. The stones and thorns in the forest cut through her feet and hands, and blood dripped all the way. But when she arrived, Adonis had already shed all his blood, and after all, she could not save her sweetheart. Aphrodite burst into tears, and as she cried, wherever her blood dripped along the way, clusters of beautiful red roses were blooming.

Although the story is very regrettable, the red rose has become a symbol of unswerving love. The flower language of the red rose is I love you, I am passionately in love and hope to have passionate love with you, so a man will give red roses when he pursues, confesses, expresses his love, and proposes to his beloved woman.Well, every year's Valentine's Day, the sales of red roses are always ranked first. The floral language and meaning of red roses are so exciting. No wonder it has become a Valentine's Day flower and the flower most representative of love.

Red rose is the best


Why do women love red roses from men? The most direct thing is that they can directly feel the hot feelings of the other party. The red rose is like a woman, exuding the charm of youth. The beauty, tenderness, sensitivity, and delicateness of flowers are the same as women, making people think that flowers are the incarnation of women. Sensual women yearn for romance and love flowers, especially looking forward to the beloved man sending flowers to her.That’s why many women are obsessed with red roses.

Waterproof Function

User tests have proved that Rose Queen is 100% waterproof. This feature is simply so exciting because it means that women can play with Rose Queen in a water world, and it is like a female lover who is sweet and tender in the water.



Do you know why the water resistance of Rose Queen is 100%? Thanks to it is made of silicone material, silica gel is a material with fairly stable chemical and physical properties. And it hardly reacts with any liquid, and once it undergoes physical deformation, it can be restored in a short time. Therefore, the waterproof performance of silica gel products is beyond doubt.

Imagine Enjoying the Pleasure in the Bathtub

The most classic underwater place to use Rose Queen is the bathtub at home. When you come back to your apartment or house for a day at work, you must take a hot bath. You can put plenty of hot water in the bathtub, adjust it to the right temperature, and then light the fragrance of your favorite flavor. At the same time, prepare a glass of vodka with ice, gently put the rose queen into the bathtub, let it merge with the temperature of the water, wait for 5 minutes, gently lie down in the bathtub, and close your eyes slowly, feel the comfort of the water touching your body, and then catch the swimming Rose Queen in the water, first press and hold for two seconds to turn on the sucking mode of the petal head, first slowly start with ear stimulation, then your nipple, and then gently stimulate your clitoris.

At this time, you can try to turn on the high sucking mode, which can lead you to experience clitoral orgasm more extreme. Of course, you can also try all 5 sucking modes, from low to high, or from high to low, according to your personal habits, as long as you can get the happiest enjoyment. Just remember, you are the queen of Rose Queen. You have all the initiative to use her. You deserve the ultimate happiness.

Enjoy the pleasure of Rose Queen in the bathtub


Try to turn on the vibration mode of the flower head, put it into your wet vagina, and lead her to find your G-sport, P-sport, A-sport folds. After finding it, turn on the strong vibration mode, within a few seconds, you will be numb all over, and get mental and physical satisfaction. Although the orgasm of A-sport is not easy to obtain, the combination of 10 vibration modes will have a greater chance for you to experience it.

When you are finished, your excited brain and body need to be still for a few seconds, you can free up your brainand body, and then slowly taste a pinch of vodka with ice. The joy of this masturbation is comparable to the sense of accomplishment you get when you finally complete a project from work. This full of spiritual and physical ritual is exactly the elegance Rose Queen can provide to women. For sure, Rose Queen is also suitable for lesbians and couples, so you can also play with Rose Queen in the bathtub together, two people will create more posture and excitement.

Gentle strong vibration mode


If you are two cute women using it together, I suggest you add ROSE EGG Vibrator, which can stimulate each other’s sensitive parts at the same time. The experience when you reach each other’s orgasm is like you guys experienced a wonderful travel together.If you are a couple, I suggest that man can assist in using BANANA Prostate Stimulator. The penis ring can make you harder and last longer, and help you enjoy sex for a longer time.

Vibration And Expansion Sound is Extremely Small

Another well-received function of Rose Queen is the zero-noise function. It has a petal head that stimulates the clitoris and a flower rod vibrator that stimulates the vagina. The vibration of the petal head is basically inaudible in decibels. Imagine if you are masturbating and the masturbation toy makes a loud noise. This will not help you to concentrate on entering the world of sexual pleasure. Noise will affect people’s pleasure, especially if you want to be immersed in the quiet world of yourself. The sound of 60 decibels is the sound of our normal conversation, and the 40 decibels is the sound of a couple whispering in the ears. Now, you can imagine how small the sound of the Rose Queen vibrator is.

Rose Toy Pro - Rose Queen is Top 1 Sex Toy For Women

Women are the queen of elegance and sensuality. The sense of ritual of Rose Queen is a sex toy dedicated to women. Women who have used her fall in love with her deeply. Have you tried this sexy toy before? If you don't, buy it right now. We have our dedicated warehouse in the United States, and it only takes 3 to 5 days for delivery, with free shipping.

I wanna own Rose Queen

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to your beloved girlfriend, Rose Queen hopes that users can get a precious sense of ritual and an intimate feeling of being cared for. It's like decorating a Christmas tree at home for Christmas, giving Christmas gifts to every family member, cosplay for Halloween, kids going to other people's homes for candy, dyeing Easter eggs for Easter, and making Easter baskets. Whether it is the sense of ritual in life or the sense of festival ritual, we should cherish it well!