Penis Hardness Self-Test: Is Your Penis Healthy?

Penis Hardness

I recently read that a medical expert said that the average adult male penis length in the United States is actually only 5.16 inches, which led to a lot of sighs of relief. But as the saying goes, it's the inexperienced novice who obsesses over length, while the mature man is more concerned about hardness. Why do we put more emphasis on hardness? Because theoretically the length of 7.5cm is enough for both parties to enjoy; whereas hardness directly affects the happiness level of men and women.

Sexologists have found through tests that erectile hardness is positively correlated with sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, and overall health satisfaction. Therefore, Penis length and size, and not as important as hardness.

Penis hardness self-test

Level 1:

Penis has a small amount of blood, then the weak state volume to be a little larger, but still deflated like a low head, no way to enter.

The hardness of this analogy to food, more like jelly, soft and bouncy. (You can also poke your cheeks)

Level 2:

This hardness is probably the feeling of Play-Doh after semi-air-drying, although a lot more than the first level of upright, but still can not withstand the touch, use or soft. Very easy to halfway "down", can not be a drum to complete sex.

Penis Hardness

Level 3:

Feel like a banana with skin. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Although you can complete sex, but the experience is poor, there is room for improvement.

Note that this hardness is the minimum standard to complete sex, below this hardness, you need to pay attention to their erection problems.

Level 4:

Penis fully erect, like a crunchy little cucumber, with a healthy flourishing feeling. If you forget how hard the cucumber is, you can also feel it by poking yourself in the head with your finger. If you have reached this level, congratulations on having a quality hard enough ding.

Penis Hardness

What are the reasons for not getting an erection?

Before discussing the reasons for not getting hard, we need to first understand "how could penis get hard".

Penis is actually a complex process.

When a man is stimulated by sight, sound, touch, and thought, the central/Y-stem nervous system reacts, the smooth muscle of the cavernous body relaxes, the arterial volume increases to more than eight times that of weakness, and a large amount of blood is pumped into the cavernous body. After a full erection, some of the veins in the ding dong are squeezed and will close, maintaining the hardness of the ding dong.

In addition to the physiological mechanism, the erection of Penis is also related to the energy, vitality and psychological state of the person. It's like an energetic young man may only need 5 seconds to get hard; when you come home tired from working late, it may take 5 minutes to get hard.

The quality of your body will also affect the hardness of Penis; if your body is low, this aspect of your function will naturally be reduced, and you will not have enough energy to support an erection.

Here are a few classic examples of the causes and solutions of "no hardness".

Situation 1: Not getting hard at all

It is possible that the threshold is too high and the sexual reflex arc is disturbed and cannot trigger sexual arousal.

The specific reasons are: the usual masturbation frequency is too high, erection habits are not good (need a specific situation to get an erection). The actual reason for this is the fact that you can't get enough stimulation/not to your taste.

Men in this situation are advised to reduce the frequency of your self-pleasure appropriately, gradually lower the threshold and develop good reflex habits.

It is also possible to be too nervous and anxious, in this case adjust the psychology after a few more attempts to succeed.

If the reason is physical weakness, and can not have a normal erection for 3 months in a row, you need to go to the hospital through medication + body conditioning.

Penis Hardness

Situation 2: Softness as soon as you wear a condom/entry

It is possible that the male is too anxious and the original sexual response is interrupted when he is nervous.

There may also be a fear of condoms: because putting on a condom means you have to start fighting, some guys tend to worry about their own poor performance, see the moment the condom is removed like a great enemy. In this case, it is still recommended that you practice more.

How to practice? Turn the condom into a familiar partner, keep it in your sights more often, and practice more on how to put it on quickly and correctly until you are no longer afraid of it. 

Situation 3: Hardness is diffcult to maintain, soft halfway through

Doing it and getting soft should be even more embarrassing than the first two. Generally this situation is mainly because the body and mind is not relaxed enough, nervous or stressed; or poor physical fitness, move a few times and feel tired.

Where to fall to where to get up, stressed to communicate more with your partner, even if inadvertently soft, you can also complete sex in other ways; give yourself some rest time after a busy day to soothe your body and mind. Slowly the psychology will be improved.

It is a physical problem, we must work hard to exercise, fat loss, muscle gain, especially to exercise thigh muscles and PC muscle. If the sexual dysfunction is caused by disease, you need to go to the hospital for timely treatment.

How can I get a sustained erection


Yawning can promote nitric oxide in the brain. It can not only reach the respiratory nerves and protect the cardiovascular system, but also travel down the spinal cord until the blood vessels that deliver energy to the penis. One of the effects of the drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction is to promote the formation of nitric oxide in the body.

Penis Hardness

Sufficient sleep

    After entering a deep sleep, the penis has 3-5 hours in a state of prolonged erection. This is the way of self-maintenance, which can promote blood circulation. From a functional point of view, the more men have an erection at night, the better the flexibility during sex, ensuring that men have a stronger erection during intercourse.

    Use long tight condoms

      The use of long tight condoms can moderately reduce the sensitivity of the male glans and delay ejaculation time. If you can treat the problem of premature ejaculation and not lasting during sex, such an effect must be what many men want. This requires the choice of condoms with physical properties (non-drug) to reduce sensitivity and gradually reduce psychological inertia.

      Selective intercourse time

        Choose the time of sexual intercourse can also exercise the ability to control ejaculation. Wake up in the morning after intercourse, strong libido, energetic first sleep after intercourse, to avoid nervous ejaculation after that night again in the same room, the time will certainly prolong the masturbation ejaculation, not due after intercourse, can prolong the time.

        Light match, do not pursue the valor in the battle

          Too much valor will reduce the control of the ejaculation center due to tension and uneasiness. When there is a sense of urgency to ejaculate, adjust the speed of pumping. The man will pull out his penis or pause pumping, which can reduce sexual tension, and then resume pumping according to the situation, repeatedly repeating such actions can significantly prolong the time.

          The use of force-saving sexual position

            You can try to choose some male muscle relaxation position, such as side lying, female, sitting, etc. to extend the time of intercourse. When using the male on female position, the male is more active, the action is larger, easy to get excited, ejaculation is also fast. But if you use the female on male position, or side position, the female accounts for the initiative, the male force less, muscle relaxation, more conducive to play "protracted war". The much-admired Indian "yap-yum" position for men to improve their ejaculation self-control also has a miraculous effect.

            Choose their favorite way of foreplay

              The way you like or are used to foreplay, on the one hand, can arouse passion, on the other hand, can also relieve anxiety, so that erections last longer. But this does not mean that you can completely ignore your partner's feelings. Choose a mutually satisfying method with a steady state of erection that is dedicated to strengthening her sensuality.

              Wear condoms

                If a condom is not the right size or is not worn, men may feel uncomfortable, sexual activity is limited, and erections will naturally decline. If you feel that the condom is too tight or too loose, you should replace it immediately. However, be aware of so-called effect-enhancing condoms that contain anesthetics to reduce sensual stimulation and make men last longer. However, this can also make a few people feel unpleasant and even unable to get an erection.

                Use some lubricant

                  If you are not intimate for a long time, or if you are somewhat tense with each other, then the woman's muscles will tighten and her self-lubrication will decrease. This is when men wear condoms, it is best to put some extra lubricant on the front end, both as part of foreplay and to make entry smoother and help avoid erection problems.

                  penis hardness

                  Moderate amount of walking or jogging every day

                  Among men who need to sit for long periods of time, those who walk 2 kilometers a day are half as likely to have erectile problems, and 20 minutes of jogging or 30 minutes of strength training can achieve the same effect.

                  We can see that there are many men on the Internet who are dissatisfied with their condition and look to drugs, prescriptions, surgery and so on.

                  In fact, the world can not have a "secret formula", want to scientifically improve their sexual ability, usually learn to take care of themselves.

                  The body is healthy enough, brother quality is excellent, naturally in bed full of confidence, better performance, to bring themselves and each other a pleasurable experience.

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