Alice vs. Eliza:The Duel Between Innocent Chick And The Woman of Lust

Alice vs. Eliza:The Duel Between Innocent Chick And The Woman of Lust

While thousands of male’s masturbation cups imitate the gentle thrusting of innocent girls, Eliza’s showing is definitely a durian in apples for Eliza’s powerful thrusting with the upgraded super motor. With Eliza’s fierce thrusts, if you are not a sex master who has been in the bedfield for a long time, you would lay down your arms and surrender to her in a minute. In terms of pricing, Eliza ($75.99) is only 7 dollars more than tender Alice ($68.99), so she can enjoy the initiative catering, stimulation, and strong hits of wild women.

Hesitation is normal when you first buy a masturbator for men when you face Alice and Eliza because you don’t know whether Alice is your best baby or Eliza could satisfy you profoundly. The following evaluation lets you know which one is worthwhile with a better sexual experience.


How Often Does the Average Male Masturbate?

According to my male customers, most of them below 30 years old masturbate daily, and those who are under 25 even masturbate 3 times a day, but those who above 30 years old masturbate mostly twice or three times a week. Also, there are very rare men in this world who never touch themselves in their whole life. Men tend to masturbate compared to women, since if they have the erotic desire and the desire shows in their penis as erection.

If they don’t do the masturbation and the penis keeps erect which feeling is uncomfortable for some men, and they need to ejaculate the sperm and relax their penis. As long as if you are not feeling unhappy or be addicted to masturbation and you are healthy with a normal frequency. There are no standard times of masturbation, like four times a week or once a day. If you could get sexual pleasure and don’t feel uncomfortable, then you don’t worry about your frequencies. Because affording to the survey, men don’t really have major side effects when they masturbate once a day but if you masturbate over 3 times a day, you have a risk of losing hair. Keep masturbation and keep your sex pleasure with you if you want, since there are a lot of advantages of masturbation: stress relief, cure of insomnia, less risk of prostate cancer, improve libido and get higher pain tolerance.




How to Make Male Masturbation Better?

Men are not like women. Sometimes men are very rude to themselves when it comes to masturbation. When they want to touch themselves at night, they just do massage to their penis roughly for a few minutes just like scratch the tickle was bit by a mosquito. Why do you make it like a routine when you could make it more enjoyable since every hour is limited and so is your life. If you don’t know how to masturbate to make yourself more enjoyable, here are some tips especially for you:

First, you could chose one porn on the website and sit down on your sofa or lay on your bed to set your emotion on fire. Second, use your hand to touch your penis and touch it to the most erotic state -- the hardest erection. Third, apply some lube on your penis to protect and also make the masturbation more smooth. The last, just enjoy your sexual pleasure with the vagina-like masturbator of Sohimi. You could also touch your balls while the masturbator auto-thrust your penis and even if you want the most exciting experience, you could use a vibrating butt plug to stimulate your prostate. The double orgasm may take you to the wonderland of sexual experience.


Evaluation Between Masturbator:
Alice and Eliza

Detailed specifications and parameters comparison between those two hands free male sex toy can be seen in the following form:


We emailed several customers and asked for the user experience of Alice and Eliza the stroker, and I’d like to post some of their reviews on this blog without their personal information, hoping to help you to choose which is better for you.

Desmond (pseudonym): Thanks for your email and yes I can share my using experience and share you review in details since I am a people who loves to share good things with people as long as it makes me happy. As a senior user of sex toys for years, I started from a shy19-year-old boy, so I have bought many funny sex toys including dildos for prostate orgasm, locking ring, and flying pussy like this Eliza masturbation cup and now I am 27 years old, so I think my review will be preciser. Hmmm... Eliza is really powerful, she is one of the most powerful masturbator I ever bought. At first I picked it just because I like its appearance of the cool black color and it is more discreet than other light colors like red or orange. After I tried Eliza, I want to say thanks for myself applying lube on my penis or the wild Eliza may bruise my penis skin. But after I applied enough lube on my penis and the Eliza is really a woman with strong sex desire, she is so thirsty to have a good rain after a long drought. The strong and thorough thrusting makes me cam so quickly!!! I love this hands free masturbator!

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Sayid (pseudonym): Hello, I’d like to share you with my sexual experience with Alice - hands free male masturbator, lol! Since I am a newbee of sex toys so I follow your customer service’s advice. I started with the tender automatic masturbators Alice. When I want to jerk off, I don’t need my boring hands. With the strong suction cup of Alice, I suck her on the wall in my shower room and enjoyed my hands-free fuck here. Alice is a tender lady, as you said, but her rotation and thrusting really bring me orgasm and relaxed me a lot after the stressful work.

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The Bottom Line

The best shoes are not too big or too small, so are the masturbators. Chose the one which is most suitable for you is the most important thing. If you like tender sex or you are a beginner, we recommend you with Alice. Otherwise, try our crazy lady with strong motor -- Eliza.