The Rose Toy Pro - Is Rose Queen Worth Buying?

rose queen the new sex toy from sohimi

Orgasm Guaranteed 

With its superb technology and steady expansion, Sohimi has completely changed the enjoyment of our women. Each product on the market can provide incredibly strong and precise clitoral stimulation, virginal orgasm or anal or nipple for different groups of people. 

The last product that caused a hot debate in the market was Sohimi's Rose toy. This lotus shaped female sex toy is as cute and charming as it looks. Sex toy lovers are so obsessed with this cute female vibrator. They're calling it the "Soul Snatcher." One of the reviewers told us after she used one Rose toy that she had already ordered a second one just in case something happens with this. And most people like her described they have never been more in love than ever. How can one little thing like this make all your problems fade away?

rose toy the classic rose vibrator from sohimi

This Rose toy then became popular in the market and is loved by more and more people. We are very pleased that so many people all over the world have fallen in love with it and the feeling it brings. Orgasm is the best form of self- care, and vibrators are the best sexual tool to help you reach the top. And now, in July 2021, we have another new product Sohimi Rose Queen. And we believe firmly that it will become the next fashion trend in women's secrets.

Rose Queen new sex toy forwomen

The Rose queen is an upgrade of Rose toy, and also you can call it Rose Toy Pro because it has been optimized and improved in most aspects. Is Rose queen worth buying? It seems the most serious issue for everyone, and this answer can be guaranteed to release now with a positive and definite recognition: Yes.

If you still have questions, let us tell you why. From the appearance and size of Rose queen, using, materials, charging conditions, and waterproof performance, which all have been improved, we would share a straightforward and clear analysis. I hope this article will help you in your choice. Because the performance of Rose queen has been improved in many aspects, we will compare it with Rose toy if necessary, so that we can know more clearly which aspects have been changed.

Why Rose Queen Is Better

Appearance Comparison Of Rose Queen And Rose Toy

The Rose toy is one of the famous female vibrators. Its lotus-shaped and cute appearance makes it outstanding and elegant than other types sex toys ever. It's easy to carry with, 2.44-inch(62mm) height and 2.28-inch(58mm) width, and you can take it just in your purse or satchel bag, or other bags. 

While Rose queen has a height of 8.26 inch (210mm). In view of this length, most small leather bags cannot give it a very comfortable space, so in terms of portability, we would recommend that you use larger bags or tote bags. Although Rose queen is longer than Rose toy, but this long part also has its advantages, even if the sex toy is discovered, people won’t know it, because it looks just like a rose, the real flower in the vase. It's joking lol, seriously, let's take a look at how to use this prominent part. 

rose queen in flowers

What Rose Queen And Rose Toy Are used For

Rose toy has only one purpose for sucking with seven different suction modes. The strong suction from internal bubbling vibration gives you marvelous stimulation. And people can start to experience the ultimate thrill of oral sex at any time with its seven adjustable rotating airflow and vibrating pulsations . 

But you only need to buy one Rose queen to experience the pleasure of multiple toys at the same time. It can be used as a vibrating dildo and sucking toy. Half of it takes you to experience the pleasure of traditional sex, and the other takes you to feel the stimulation of the clitoris to meet your every need.

The invention of the Rose queen is from the creativity and feedback of our more than 100,000+ users, which makes it more stable and more pleasant. The Rose queen is longer than the rose toy as mentioned above, as Rose queen can not only be your sucking vibrator but also becomes the vaginal dildo. The most important is that it has 10 frequency vibration and 5 suction modes, which can easily stimulate your g-spot to meet your needs anytime and anywhere. 

rose queen on the table

Rose Queen's Material Is Better

The material upgrade is that Rose queen is made of non-toxic and harmless silicone. It uses ABS and liquid silicone rubber, It is very soft, body-safe, smooth and stretchy. You can rub it at will for any sexual position.

And it also has the CE logo. Products with the CE mark indicate that they meet the requirements of a series of European directives such as safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection. Imagine that you and your partner are having violent sex. He is sprinting on your body, and the rose queen underneath is bent without being damaged. A good sex toy must be non-toxic and avirulent, followed by softness, which is a great advantage. If it hurts the private parts of human bodies, or breaks during use, it would be the worst and most disappointing in the world. 

How Long They Will be Played For After Recharging

We tested the two products at the same time when the toys are both fully charged. The Rose toy can be used for 40 minutes to 1 hour, and the Rose queen can be used for 1 hour to 1.5 hours

rose queen vs rose toy charging

In this regard, it is worth noting that both products use Magnetic USB charging (with lines). The time to fully charge the two toys is 2.5 hours. The Rose queen will have a flashing light when charging, and when the battery is saturated, it will be a constant light. 

PC, wall charger, power bank, car charger, they can all provide energy for charging Rose toy. And for Rose queen, it has a magnetic charging point on the side of the flower pole. What is amazing is that it will automatically charge within two centimeters away. As for the four situations where the Rose toy can be charged, it's also suitable for Rose queen. And much amazingly, Rose queen expands its waterproof advantages due to the Magnetic USB charging. 

Rose Queen Levels The Waterproof Rating Higher

The Rose queen is excellent in terms of waterproof performance. We have never witnessed such an excellent product, but now it does come. Because of its charging port protection, among all female sex toys in the market, it has an IPX7 rating, which means that it can be soaking for 30 minutes in the deep up to 1 meter of water. If you decide to have a hearty orgasm in the bathtub, this product will not let you down even in the bubble bath. 

woman in tub

Rose Queen Stops All The Voice 

After our many tests and users feedback, switching them on, the Rose toy will be muted within three meters away. This is a very good performance, but Rose queen is better, because it is 100% silent. In the room next to others, you can play it with security. 

Enjoy Yourself 

Thank you for reading. I believe that after seeing this, you have already understood in your heart what great changes the Rose queen has made. If you've ever felt a little overwhelmed trying to buy sex toys, you're not alone. After all , there are so many kinds. From clit toys, to bullets, to internal toys, to rabbits, wands, butt plugs and more — it's a lot. Not to mention the differences in price, material, brand, and functionality. Between the high-tech, adorably small, and powerhouse versions, there's just a ton to sort through. Not to worry, we're here to help you narrow down your next vibe purchase right here. Rose queen is worth trying and buying.