The Latest Information You want: 10 Best-Selling Vibrators For Women

The Latest Information You want: 10 Best-Selling Vibrators For Women

At present, besides big dildo, the most popular sex toy in the female market is the vibrator. Vibrators, which can be favored by women, are sex toys with high-cost performance in terms of appearance, function, and price. I will provide the latest specific news about the 10 best-selling vibrators for my dear ladies.

Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

The delicate and exquisite appearance of the roses caught the attention of women at once. The upper part of the rose head design hides the retractable sucking pattern, which is a good assistant for foreplay stimulation when women masturbate. The strong vibration mode of the rotation of the flower stem vibrator in the lower half leads to the pleasure of conquering vaginal orgasm. The super advantage of 0 noise beats many female toys on the market. The liquid silicone material provides a 100% waterproof effect. The rose queen of the water world shows endless sexiness and gentleness, winning the hearts of women.


Pros: Exquisite appearance

         Sensory enjoyment 5 kinds of sucking modes, 10 kinds of vibration modes, strengthen the stimulation experience of female orgasm.

         The use of 0 noise mode gives women a safer and more relaxed atmosphere.

         100% water resistance provides the sexual pleasure of women in the water world.

Cons: It weighs 150 pieces. Although the size of 1.8*1.8*8.3inch is very small, if you want to put it with your mobile phone in a Prada mini handbag, the storage space is a bit squeezed.

Price: $37.99

ROSE Vibrator Rose Toy Clit Sucker

Rose vibrator looks like a small Lego rose. There are rose red, purple, and pink styles to choose from. It is specially designed to suck and stimulate the sensitive parts of women, such as nipples, ears, clitoris, and 7 powerful sucking experiences. The most comfortable way of this gameplay is to use it to stimulate and awaken your sexual desire when your couple teases with you during foreplay. Real oral sex is enough to make your vagina wet immediately.

different pleasure

Pros:  Various styles and colors.

          7 kinds of strong suction frequency, The strong suction from internal bubbling vibration gives you marvelous stimulation.

          The mini size of 2.3*2.3*2.6inch can be put into any lady's bag, even a Gucci mini handbag.

          USB charging with no bacteria, charging is more convenient.

Cons: Silent from 3 meters away, no 100% silent.

          Only sucking function, no vibrating stick function.

Price: $36.95

ROSE EGG Vibrator

Very interesting oval rose egg design. The vibrating egg with a rose tail has 10 high-frequency vibrating. Insert a rose egg into your vagina. It constantly beats forward to stimulate your G-spot, P-spot, and A-spot which is the naughty and sexy vibrator elf. The most important thing is that it can be combined with the sucking mode of rose petals to stimulate the body at the same time. The multiple combinations of vibration frequencies stimulate your heartbeat. It is simply the combination of peach soda and small cakes in summer. The tender vigor stimulates women's sexual pleasure.

desire of sexual

Pros: Vibration mode is the most sex toy in the Rose family.

          The bouncing mode of the vibrating egg brings the excitement of vaginal throbbing.

Cons: The stem of rose petals is a bit deep, which may not be suitable for women with larger clitoral heads.

Price: $39.99

TULIP Mini Tongue Clit Licker Vibrator

The rose grows a sexy little tongue! The most powerful  tongue vibrator, 10 sucking modes bring the most satisfying orgasm to the female clitoris. When your couple will inevitably get tired when giving you a sweet blowjob, your tongue will not be able to lick the clitoris when you are masturbating. We need it very much at this time. The 10 sucking modes bring the most satisfying orgasm to the female clitoris, and as long as it is fully charged, it will not be tiring. The most popular among women are the continuous vibration mode and the frequency intermittent vibration. This is a good toy for women to enjoy clitoral orgasm. Play with it well.


Pros: Clit licker TULIP has the most kinds of sucking modes. With 10 powerful vibration modes from mild to wild, Sohimi TULIP is our new flagship product in 2021! This is one of our best clitoris stimulators.

Cons: There is no vibrator effect, so it is a bit difficult to get vaginal pleasure through this tongue vibrator.

Price: $38.99

Sucking Rose Vibrator

It looks like a rose-flavored lollipop. I want to lick a few more mouthfuls on the rose petal head. When I stand upside down, it looks like a small rose-red octopus, with a cone radar power cable, plugged into its head. The stamen in the petal head sucks the clitoris, and the lovely thin flower stem is specially used to stimulate the nipples.

sucking mode

Pros: 2-in-1 clitoris and nipple vibrator.

          Body-safe medical-grade silicone, odorless, and feels like real skin.

Cons: Only suitable for foreplay flirting, the pleasure of vaginal penetration still depends on a big dildo.

Price: $37.99

Dual Heads Rabbit Vibrator

A unique rabbit vibrator, the rabbit head is a model and realistic dildo, with fresh and visible dildo folds. The total length is 9 inches, which is enough to satisfy the filling feeling of the female vagina. Two cute ears can be sandwiched between the clitoris. On both sides, the front and back vibrating stimulation pattern touch multiple nerves on the clitoris.


Pros:  Rabbit head imitates dildo head, with a strong sense of substitution.

Cons: If you want to pursue 10 inch-dildo women, that's not enough.

Price: $35.99

Smart Vibrator Egg With App Control

Have you ever imagined wearing a vibrator in public? A sex toy full of creativity and excitement. You can choose to use it manually or remotely by mobile phone app. This is the biggest advantage. There are 9 manual massage modes, from gentle to powerful, from slow to fast. from simple frequency to hard mode, let your pelvic muscles get used to the intensity of the exercise. Mobile phone remote control provides 6 modes-sound modes, music mode, video mode, touch mode, remote mode, etc. The total length of the vibrator controlled by this application is 7 inches, and the weight is only 50 grams, so small that you can put it directly in the pocket of jeans. Imagine that when you are outdoors, your partner is remotely controlling your sensitive parts. This is simply sexy and exciting gameplay, come on!

Smart Vibrator Egg

Pros:  You can invite your partner to remotely control and use it, 6 modes of exciting gameplay, the most interactive!

          Wearable in underwear.The lightest mini vibrator, the most convenient to carry around.

          It looks like a little tadpole, super cute.

Cons: Only the function of stimulating the vagina, not the clitoris to orgasm.

ANGELA Wearable Sucking Vibrator

Very suitable for women to enjoy the happiness of masturbation alone at home. Multiple vibrations & Sucking Modes - It has 10 different frequency vibration modes for G-spot stimulation and 10 sucking modes for clitoral and nipples stimulation, the double combination of sucking and the vibration is simply happy. It is the happiest lover of single women.

2 in 1

Pros: 10+10 clitoral and vaginal pleasure, the vibrator with the strongest pleasure combination. The vibrating rod that stimulates the vagina has four bumps, and the stimulation points are more accurate and deeper.

Cons: The vibrator is not long enough, and the insertion depth is not long enough for a big dildo.

Price:  $29.96

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator With Multi-Frequencies

Clitoral sucking, which promotes the clitoris to orgasm within 1 minute, 7 sucking function frequencies - low medium-high fast and slow build-up super high blast, suitable for use in foreplay with a couple to stimulate each other's nipples and clitoris.


Pros:  Reach clitoral orgasm quickly

Cons: No vaginal vibration function

Price: $26.95

Thrusting Vibrator

The most temperature thrusting vibrator. The most distinctive part of this sex toy is the silicone material. Silicone quickly warms to your body temperature, letting you relax and enjoy orgasm quickly! The sensation of heat promotes a satisfying experience of climax.

pulse sex toy

Pros: Only 3 minutes, the vibration head can reach 42 degrees Celsius.

          The vibration mode of the vaginal head and clitoral head can be strengthened at the same time.

          The penetrative head and clitoral stimulator imitate the design of the human index finger and thumb, real and powerful finger sex provides an amazing orgasm.

Cons: If you are just looking for a sex toy that can stimulate the clitoris and vagina, buying this one will be more expensive. If you don't need the heating function of the vibrator to match the temperature of your vagina, it's more cost-effective to buy a sohimi dual heads rabbit vibrator.

Price: $49.99

Choose the Vibrator That Suits You

These 10 types of the vibrator are diverse, including a rose vibrator, clitoral vibrator, thrusting vibrator, rabbit vibrator, tongue vibrator. Whether you want to satisfy the pleasure of the clitoral or vagina alone or want to satisfy at the same time. Whether you want to use sex toys indoors or outdoors. Whether you want manual control or mobile phone app control. Whether you want to masturbate alone or enjoy sex with your partner, the above vibrator can meet your needs.

And the price is not more than 50$, the most cost-effective low price is 26.95$, which is quite a pretty bargain price. Drink 3 cups of tequila in the bar or buy a good performance and cost-effective sex toy at the price of 3 cups of tequila. I'll choose to buy a vibrator. A vibrator can also be used multiple times, but tequila is gone after 3 cups. LOL! If you have enough budget, you can choose both, there is nothing to entangle though.