MAGGIE-Realistic Torso Vagina And Anal 4.4lbs

The sex butt with super high cost performance has a sexy vest line, which can bring more visual impact, and can be worn with any clothes you like.

sex doll
sex doll
sex doll
sex doll
sex doll
sex doll
sex doll
sex doll
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District package

We guarantee you'll be the only one excited about what's insideWe guarantee you'll be the only one excited about what's inside

Product Descrtption

  • 【Realistic male masturbator】We specially designed a realistic butt masturbator with real labia and plump buttocks. This male masturbator has realistic skin texture, like a real partner. This girlfriend will be opened with your insertion and massage your big penis, bringing you extreme sexual stimulation.
  • 【Life-sized Pocket Pussy】The realistic sex toy for men masturbation measures 7.48 inches * 9.45 inches * 5.52 inches and 4.41 lb which does not accupy much of your space of this sex doll, the pussy-ass and Anal hot combo male masturbator sex doll, give your realistic feeling.
  • 【Soft and Safe TPE Material】 This sex doll torso ass doll is made of high-quality TPE material, which is soft, skin-friendly and feels as smooth as the skin. Please NOTE that we will dust talcum-powder on the skin to prevent the product from becoming sticky before the product leaves the factory. So it is normal if there is powder on the surface of the sex product received.
  • 【2 Hole Design Stroker】The male masturbator comes equipped with vaginal and anal closed-end entry-each hole brings completely different suction sensations. This sex doll has different feelings with electric automatic male masturbation toy.
  • 【Easy to Use & Not Accoupy Storage Space】 It is recommended that you use it with water-based lubricant for better experience. It is another absolutely necessary sex product collection with dildo, vibrator, electric male masturbation and so on. Different with large sex doll, this mini sex doll not only meet your sexual pleasure need, but also not waste too much storage space. No one discover your little secret.
  • 【Discreet Packing】We protect customer's privacy. All my adult sex toys are discreet packaing,confidential delivery; the male masturbator is shipped expressly and confidentially without any trace of suspicious words.

How to Clean

Sex Doll Maintenance

  1. Avoid dressing the doll in super tight or clothes that fade easily.
  2. Avoid contact with sharp objects.
  3. Be careful of drying and direct sunlight.
  4. Keep the doll in lying.
  5. To avoid dust accumulation on the doll, it is best to keep the doll in a specified boxor cabinet.
  6. Abstain from sharing your doll with other people, to prevent spreading of disease.

Sex Doll Cleaning

  1. Apply sponge or cotton swab with warm water and antibacterial soap.
  2. Use this swab to clean the hole until it is clean. Please use tweezers to hold the sponge when using it to prevent it from falling off in the vagina.
  3. You can dispose of this swabor sponge, now repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. After two wipes, the hole should be totally clean, now we caninsert another dry sponge to remove excess soap or water.
  5. After drying the doll you can apply talcum powder to the outside of the orifice.
  6. Except to cleaning the orifice after each use, we recommend washing the doll's body in the tub with soap every 14 days.

What should I pay attention to when dressing up my doll?

Notes: Some fabrics can stain the skin of sex dolls and it is difficult to remove without causing further damage, such as Latex, Faux and real leather, Jeans/Denim and Wool. In addition to avoiding specific materials, you should also be careful to avoid dark colors.

As for dressing Tantaly sex dolls, we mainly provide three points for you.

1.wash any clothing before putting them on your doll

New and unwashed clothes which have dyes can easily stain your doll. So before putting them on your doll, make sure you wash them many times until they can’t leave any dye on the doll. But owing to the complexity of clothing, we also recommend you to test the clothing on your doll's hidden places for short periods of time, such as the base of the thigh, or on a TPE sample.

2.Avoid dark-colored clothing

Compared to some light-colored clothes, dark-colored clothes can stain your doll more easily even if they are washed. So in order to keep your doll clean, you should try to avoid such kind of clothing. But if you really like it, we recommend you to testing it on a piece of TPE or hidden part of the doll, such as the base of the thigh, to see if it stains.

3.Avoid tight clothing

As we know, TPE dolls are soft and they can’t feel the pressure. So if you dress your dolls with tight clothing, it can leave indents and markings on them. But if it is necessary, limit the amount of time it is worn.


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