Double Dildos
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10.02 Inches Platinum Silicone Double-Ended Monster Centaur Dildo with Horse Cock

  • High Quality Material
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Strong Suction Cup
  • Easy to Clean
  • Better price

What is the double dildo? 

A double dildo is a dildo with two heads for double penetration. The double-ended sex toy is usually longer than a traditional dildo since people use it for lesbian sex or self-masturbation of both vagina and anus. Double penetration dildos can build up a profound sense of connection, especially for a relationship, lover, or a couple of true love. 

Why choose Sohimi's Double Dildos?

Multiple appearances

Sohimi offers diverse types of double dildos in different appearances.  We have bendable colorful dildos and realistic double dildos, as well as two heads based on one sucking cup, and each type has unique usage. You can choose freely based on your usage and preference.

Sohimi designers also make heads in different sizes, the bigger one and the smaller one. The purpose is to make it less aggressive when entering the anus and bring a perfect using experience.

High-Quality Materials

All double dildos are made of soft silicone. They are flexible and could be bending to any angle for more sexual exploration. For solo play, people can bend it to penetrate the vagina as well as the anus. For couples, the soft silicone material plays a better role in sexual intercourse, with no harm to the genitals if one moves too fast or too rough. 

Besides, the lifelike skin feeling of silicone provides users with the realistic thrusting pleasure of friction of the penis and an immersive sexual experience.

Multiple functions

Electric double penetration dildos have a vibrating function. The vibration double dildo has up to 9 vibration modes. With the remote control, users can switch modes at will and enjoy a broader range of pleasure.

Uncharged double-ended dildo with a natural material like silicone for someone who does not like vibrations.

Cheap price

We offer affordable dildos at reasonable prices while maintaining high quality. We also always have discounts available, so always visit our website to ensure you don't miss every sale.

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