The Best-Selling Male Sex Toys in 2022

male sex toys

2022 has passed a large part of the year, in this half year, some people are happy and some people are sad. Please love yourself in the second half of the year, be good to yourself and buy some toys to reward yourself.

How is the quality of a product? How does it feel to use? We do not know before we buy. But sales are the most reliable data that can be seen. I have compiled a list of the top selling male sex toys on the web in 2022, and I believe that no matter what your needs are, you will be able to find a product that belongs to you. Take a look at it together.


Highlights: The cup includes an ultra-quiet feature measuring 50dB, while the device's TPE material is soft, simulating the experience of a vagina and is non-toxic. The complete package includes a suction base to facilitate hands-free use. The thrusting and spinning modes rotate and rise at different speeds, from slow to fast, and from mild to intense.

This male masturbator cup comes with a suction base for hands free. This base can stick on smooth surface, including most shower walls, headboards, and even wooden furniture. You can then adjust the male masturbator toy to a wide range of 240° angles, so you can use it in different positions. The insertable length of automatic male masturbators is 4.8 inches and can accommodate most penis sizes.

Retail price: $70.99

male sex toys


No2: LOVEHONEY Pink Lady

Highlights: Increase bedroom stamina with the hyper-realistic Pink Lady STU Fleshlight. Tighter than the original Fleshlight with stimulating textures, this Lady offers you pleasure while enabling you to become a better lover. Win!

This toy can be used for edging – when you bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm, stop or slow down before orgasm is reached, then build back up to approach orgasm again. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Some people find this technique can help to delay and/or increase the intensity of their orgasm (results may vary).

Retail price: $69.99male sex toys

No3: Penis enlargement device

Highlights: This penis pump / pocket pussy with penis rings, which works by using suction to draw blood into the penis. When the blood fills the blood vessels in your penis and causes them to swell, your penis will get — temporarily — bigger and harder.

As cock ring is usually placed around the base of the penis to help keep the blood in the penis and maintain the erection longer, Penis enlargement device provides 4 free penis rings to help you get the best experience.

Just apply a bit of lube to your shaft and the base of your penis, as well as around the end of the silicone sleeve to create an airtight seal and make it easier to slide the tension ring on and off.

Retail price: $72.99

male sex toys

No4: LELO F1S™ V2A

Highlights: F1S™ V2A is the next generation of LELO’s legendary pleasure console. It is the ultimate act of self-love with double the power and a wider range of sonic intensities. Equipped with SenSonic™ and Cruise Control™ technology, it allows you to enjoy exhilarating stimulation with four pleasure programs.

Retail price: $191.99

male sex toys

No5: MAYA, 30lb Sex Doll

Highlights: Maya's waist and hips have the curves of the golden ratio, and can perfectly interpret any pattern of clothes. Imagine her two long, white thighs, her rippling breasts, and its fat hips so you can fully enjoy the fun of flapping! 

This sex doll has two specially customized tight holes which are completely separate and bring different sensations. It's covered with ribs and bumps for a stimulating massage that's guaranteed to drive you crazy! Slide inside and let it squeeze, delighting you with every thrust! 

The same look and feel as real skin for a touch that is indistinguishable from real people. Squeeze Maya's clitoris and grip its soft skin so hard you can't tell the real thing from the fake with your eyes closed, like you're fondling a real lady waiting to be conquered. And no matter how much you fuck it, it won't be torn or broken, Maya just wants to bring you a wonderful sexual experience. 

The built-in brace is strong and powerful, enabling Maya to stand fully upright and hold a variety of difficult positions. You can choose the position you like to play with it, whether it's doggy style, or missionary style, you can change its position in different scenarios.

Retail price: $349.99

No6: All-in-one Stroker

Highlights: Unlike other short-life male masturbator stroker toys which always stuck or only thrusting singly mechanical repetition stimulate your penis, our hands free male masturbator stroker features a latest upgraded motor and the innovative negative vacuum sucking design, SUCK, SQUEEZE, SWALLOW , GRIP all-in-one kit, including the unique romantic light design.

Our blowjob machine for men is equipped with an intelligent heating function, just press the power button to automatically heat up to most realistic female vagina temperature of 42℃, making your each penetration feel like real intercourse. And the pocket male sucking masturbator will come with headphones for sexy moaning pleasure, the faster you invade, the louder her moans. Indulge in your desires to the fullest!

Retail price: $86.99

male sex toys

No7: Auto Masturbator

Highlights: We have also designed different modes for this stroker, and its 6 pinch-sucking modes and 9 vibrating modes can fully meet your needs. Meanwhile, the built-in powerful motor is a plus, which allows you to reach orgasm in one minute. The heating temperature of this male sex toy can reach 107.6°F, which can help accelerate the blood flow, and it gets easier to reach orgasm.
While stimulating and massaging your penis, it can also be used as a penis trainer, allowing you get erection more easily and more lasting in real sex. Throw away the traditional battery, this magnetic USB rechargeable automatic masturbator can be used for about 1.5 hours when it is fully charged. The soft TPE material will not cause any harm to you, and the inner lines increase the friction during use, it will get more pleasure for you.

Retail price: $65.99male sex toys

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