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About Accounts and Orders

Do I have to provide my full address? +

Can I enter more than one receiver name when placing the order? +

How can I change the address information? +

How can I get the order number? +

Do I have to register and sign in before shopping with Sohimi? +

Why can't I place my order successfully even if I followed the steps as the website shows? +

How to track my order? +

About Products

What do I need to consider when using it? +

How do I use the product?+

Are the products safe? +

Do PVC products contain plasticizers? +

What do I need to consider when using it? +

Why does my toy smell? +

Cleaning and Storage +

Will it be loud when I use it? +

Can I twist the toy? +

Why does my product get a little hot?+

How can I be sure I won't receive a product that has been used or contaminated? +

How does Sohimi guarantee the quality of its products? +

Why is the price of sohimi sex toy lower than many online sex toy shops?

Shipping and Distribution

Delivery Time +

Packaging +

Shipping Fee +

Which shipping company will deliver my order? +

About the warranty

Warranty Period +

In what case I can be eligible for warranty service +

Order Cancellation and Returns

Can I cancel my online order? +

Can I get a replacement if the product is defective? +

Can I return the product? +

When will I receive my refund? +

Try Our Products for Free

How to try Sohimi products for free? +

Why do you offer a free trial?+