What Things You Should Know Before Buying a Sex Doll?

What Things You Should Know Before Buying a Sex Doll?

In this modern 21st century, people are increasingly daring to pursue their own happiness, joy, and freedom. But in this world, not all people are lucky enough to have their own partners and children. Due to various reasons, some people may have physical defects or diseases that prevent him/her from having an ideal partner. Or maybe he/she has psychological or behavioral problems that prevent him/her from having a perfect sex life. At this time, a suitable adult sex toy may bring him/her unexpected fun. In addition to ordinary sex toys, there is another toy that can give you a better and more realistic experience, and that is the sex doll. Sex dolls are generally divided into half-body dolls, full-body dolls, or just a big ass. Of course, due to differences in product weight, materials and quality, prices are also vary widely. The cheaper ones cost tens of dollars, while the expensive ones can cost thousands of dollars. So before buying a sex doll, there are several issues that you need to consider carefully before placing an order.

1.Your budget

Since the material cost of the doll is relatively expensive, and the size of the doll determines its price, the price fluctuates greatly. The cheaper ones may cost tens of dollars, while the expensive ones may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so you should consider it when you want to try to buy a doll. What size and material of doll do you need. Decide what kind of doll you can buy according to your own budget. Sohimi is an online store that specializes in selling adult toys. It has both butt dolls that cost tens of dollars, and half-length large-size dolls that cost hundreds of dollars. Recently, a new batch of dolls have been released. High-quality doll, big butt, big breasts, 2 3D realistic Textured channels. The doll below is called Eve, it is a half-length doll, soft breasts, big butt, 14.3lb in size, 17inch in length, safe TPE material . Easy to clean, 100% discreet package. Only $269.99, does this doll fit your budget? Plus you can use a 15% off coupon, so pop in now and check it out.

2.The material of doll

Today's dolls are made of high-quality frames, just to ensure that the pressure you put on them during use will not deform or break them. In addition, as far as the skin is concerned, it also needs to be carefully made of high-quality materials, so as to give you a real experience. Today, there are two main materials used to make dolls, silicone and TPE. Both materials are very safe for the body's skin and are easy to clean. Compared with other plastic or rubber dolls, dolls made of these two materials can bring you more and more realistic feelings and experiences, and can also bring more fun.

3.Lubricant and cleaning kit

When you buy a doll, you have to think about what accessories it needs, and lubricants and cleaning kits are necessities, because you need to lubricate it before using it, and you also need to wash and dry it after using to ensure that it is safe next time. It is clean and safe when used. This way you can avoid some bacterial infections or other diseases. Sohimi also comes with a special cleaning kit, which is very convenient to use and includes 1 water-based lubricant applicator, 1 10.5 Oz enema douching bulb, and 2 absorbent drying sticks. This kit is very practical for you to use with dolls.

4.Analyze whether the website is legal and compliant

Since dolls are generally more expensive than ordinary products, before purchasing, please carefully analyze whether the store is legitimate and not a scam company. Therefore, you need to check the information and learn more about the company. If it is a brand and a reliable company, then you can feel free to place an order. Sohimi is a company specializing in the sale of adult toys. We have online store in US, UK, Germany and Japan, and warehouses in several major countries around the world. Your products may be shipped from the United States, China, or the United Kingdom or Germany. Even shipped from Japan. So with such a strong company team and brand, you can buy products from sohimi with confidence.