What a Man Care When Making Love with His Girl?

What a Man Care When Making Love with His Girl?

Sexual intercourse is a wonderful thing, both men and women desire to reach climax each time. However, research shows that out of 10 sexual encounters, only around 5 may result in a satisfactory orgasm, while the other 5 may not lead to orgasm or may only provide minimal sensations. For men, ejaculation is often considered as the climax, but it's not always possible to reach the desired peak every time. How can sexual intimacy ensure complete engagement and perfect coordination to achieve orgasm for both partners? And what are the main concerns for men during sexual intercourse? Today, let's mainly discuss the 7 things that men care about the most when making love.

 1. Hope women can be humorous and engaged

When two people engage in sexual activity, it is crucial for both parties to be fully engaged. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should invest yourself completely and express your love as much as possible. Touching, kissing, or stimulating sensitive areas can contribute to a more harmonious and fulfilling sexual experience. Men often appreciate it when women take the initiative, tease them, or entertain them with humorous jokes. However, some men do not consider it particularly important and are fine with women being a bit shy or clumsy in bed. Ultimately, preferences vary from person to person.

 2. Hope women get orgasm

Men, during sexual intercourse, desire women to get up to orgasm. They hope to hear delightful moans and witness the intense desire of women. Seeing their partners reach orgasm and witnessing the pleasure that overwhelms them can further arouse men and lead them to their own climax during ejaculation. Therefore, men always aspire to help their partners achieve orgasm, as it also allows them to experience the pleasure that comes with it.

 3. Hoping she dresses sexy

Men are visual creatures, and they desire to see their partners dressed in a sexy and alluring manner. This can better stimulate their hormone secretion and fill them with desire for seduction. A woman dressing provocatively can often influence the duration of foreplay and the duration of orgasm. Most men admit that when they see their partner wearing sexy lingerie, it ignites more passion in their sexual encounters, and they yearn to possess and make love to her. Therefore, men find stockings and erotic lingerie irresistible, as it is something they particularly value.

 4. Hoping women approach sex with a positive but not overly intense attitude

If a woman is cold or indifferent towards sex, it can cause distress for her partner because her disinterest directly affects their partner. This can create a vicious cycle that ultimately leads to dissatisfaction in the sexual relationship and may even result in divorce or infidelity. A typical man desires a partner who approaches sex with a positive attitude, rather than saying, "I'm not interested, I don't feel like doing it today." Such statements directly dampen a man's enthusiasm and leave him disappointed. Therefore, when a man desires intimacy, he hopes his partner will respond in a similar manner and say, "Yes, my love, I've been waiting for you too," initiating a wonderful sexual experience. However, on the other hand, if a woman becomes overly obsessed with sex and desires it every day, it can be overwhelming for the man. After all, energy is limited, and an appropriate frequency of sexual encounters contributes to a harmonious marital life.

 5. Hoping she is not silent in bed

During sexual intimacy, if you remain completely silent without any moans or gasps, it can give the impression that you have no interest in the act, which can cause men to lose interest as well. Therefore, when engaging in sexual activity, vocalizing your pleasure can excite men and make them eager to continue. Men also appreciate hearing words of love and encouragement, such as saying, "I love you, honey," "I want you," or "Go for it, darling." These expressions can boost their confidence and passion.

 6. Hoping she is comfortable

Firstly, feeling comfortable yourself will enhance your sexual desire towards him. Women need to relax and enjoy it as a delightful experience, which is more beneficial than worrying about your performance.

Secondly, when you feel comfortable, it means both of us will feel comfortable. Overly focusing on your flaws will shift the attention from our bodies to your self-consciousness. Hiding yourself under the covers will only create anxiety about our sexual desire, which can hinder the effectiveness of lovemaking. Therefore, don't spend too much energy on how you look in bed; in fact, whether the lights are on or off is not that important.

Compared to women, men are not overly picky when it comes to sex. However, there are certain details that you should pay attention to, such as: What actions can make him experience multiple orgasms with you? Will taking control in lovemaking change anything? Some details are often overlooked by women, but they are precisely the key points that can drive men crazy for you.

 7. Hoping she desires me

Men hope that women have a strong desire for them and can fully engage in the act, as they can feel whether the woman genuinely wants to have sex with them or is willing to go wild for them through her reactions. Yes, men always consider their partner's feelings during sex because their partner's responses directly impact their mood and actions. Therefore, they care deeply about whether their partner is satisfied with them and filled with passion and desire.

In summary, it's the same the other way around.. What men care about is also what women care about. and they both want to experience satisfaction and pleasure in their sexual encounters. Both partners need to cooperate, communicate, and understand each other to fulfill their desires and needs. Sex is an interactive process that requires mutual effort, care, and understanding from both sides to achieve a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual life.