How to Use Your Finger to Make her Orgasm?

How to Use Your Finger to Make her Orgasm?

When you make love with your partner, will you use your finger? In fact, fingers play a very important role in sex. The pressure and angle of fingering can bring about a very intense full body orgasm. Because the female clitoris is a very nerve-sensitive area, when you first start having sex, you’ll find that you can reach orgasm easily when your partner gently touches your clitoris, without inserting a penis. So good fingering techniques can make it easier for your girl to achieve orgasm she wants. Today we’ll discuss how to use your fingers to give her an orgasm.

When it comes to sex, we always have endless knowledge to learn, because this activity is really rich in content. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions may be different, and everyone’s way of reaching climax may also be different. In this activity, fingers become a very important factor, but how do you know if you are making her feel excited when using your fingers, rather than painful. This depends on whether her reaction is satisfactory or excited. You can also make your activities smooth and beautiful through communication. For someone who is new to sex or is a bit new to it, I think you can give him/her instructions, or just put his hands on your clitoris and teach him/her how to do it. When she feels aroused, it means she is closer to orgasm. Sexual arousal will induce the clitoris to come out and be more easily stimulated. When a certain time is reached, they will ask for more, whether verbally or physically. Yes, when stimulating the clitoris, you need to stimulate her in different directions and with different strengths, but remember not to be too violent, otherwise you will get bad results. 

Except for clitoral stimulation, 64% of women believe they need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation to achieve orgasm, and it is the only part of the "female" anatomy that has no other purpose than to provide pleasure. Studies have found that the clitoris is more sensitive to pleasure than the vagina. Stimulating the clitoris is foreplay. When this process reaches a certain time, vaginal stimulation will make her reach orgasm faster.

There are many ways to rub your clitoris with your fingers. Using your index or middle finger, you can rub it up and down, side to side, in a circle or at an angle. It seems simple, but when you use it, you will find that it is more enjoyable to do it in multiple ways at the same time. Make sure your fingers are moist when you use them, so use lube. Lubricant will make it easier to move your fingers back and forth over sensitive skin, making the friction smooth instead of painful.

Another part of the vagina that is easily overlooked is the U-spot. The U-spot is often called the "secret spot" because few people know about it. It is the area above and on both sides of the urethral button, just under the clitoris. This U-shaped space is very sensitive to touch. Gentle stroking will make you feel strong excitement. This foreplay action is also great.

In addition, some people like the feeling of stroking the clitoris from the back of the buttocks, while some people prefer to touch the clitoris from the front. No matter which direction is used to stimulate the clitoris, I think through constant trying, novices will become proficient. So the role of fingers in sex is really so powerful and important. As a professional sex toy store, sohimi offers various toys, like clitoris vibrator, G-Spot Vibrators, Tongue Vibrators etc. Do you have any other ideas for sex tips? If so, please leave a message below to tell us, thank you!