How to get Better Anal Sex Experience?

How to get Better Anal Sex Experience?

For some people, anal sex may be unfamiliar. Because they have never tried it, they don’t dare to try it, and they even think it is something unimaginable. Of course, anal sex is not suitable for everyone, but for sex lovers, anal sex can bring more intense and exciting orgasms than ordinary sex. If you also want to try anal sex, then please start from scratch. I hope you will not miss any of the following steps.

  1. Before having anal sex, fully communicate with your partner. Full communication can give you a better experience.
  2. Adjust your position so that you can easily reach your partner's north and buttocks.
  3. Use your mouth or hands to gently and slowly stroke and lick from his neck to his spine to relax him.
  4. Gently stroke and massage along the crack of the buttocks, blow or lick around the anus with your mouth, your action will make his skin crawl.
  5. Next use all parts of your hand (finger pads, palms, heels, etc.) to press firmly but gently into the muscle tissue in repetitive motions. The next step is to squeeze and knead the buttocks.
  6. Remember that before you perform these actions on your fingers, you should take protective measures, that is, wear finger cots or latex gloves to prevent your nails from hurting your partner. At the same time, you need to apply a lot of lubricant. This will help you open your anus more easily.
  7. When the anus wrinkles under the touch of your fingers, slowly press forward and enter slowly. Ask your partner how he feels when entering, and remember not to be too rough.

  8. Next remind your partner to breathe in slowly, contract the anal muscles, and then exhale. If everything is fine, gently press on the anal wall while rotating your finger clockwise and then slowly counterclockwise.

  9. After slowly adapting, push further into the cavity, insert and withdraw, just like sexual intercourse. During this process, continue to communicate with your partner to see if he wants to do it again.

For some people, such anal massage and thrusting can bring him to climax, while for others, they need penises, sex toys, butt plugs, etc. to obtain more intense anal pleasure.

When it comes to sex toys, which ones are suitable for anal sex? Generally, there are special anal plug toys, dildos, or vibrators that can provide you with anal pleasure.

Sohimi provides a variety of anal plug toys, including simple anal vibrators and anal plugs with cock rings. For beginners, a simple anal vibrator will be more suitable, but you also need to study the size and function of the product. , be sure to find the one that suits you best. For people who have had many anal sex experiences, they long for greater stimulation and more exciting orgasms, so some people will choose multi-functional anal plug toys. Generally, such anal plug toys have vibration functions, telescopic functions or The rotating function can also stimulate your testicles at the same time, so choose the product according to your needs to achieve the effect you want.

In addition to specialized anal plug toys, dildos can also be used for anal sex. However, since different dildos have different sizes and functions, you must clearly see the size and related functions of this product when choosing a dildo.

It is worth noting that anal sex is the most likely way for lovers to be infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. So never insert anything (a toy, a finger, or a penis) directly from the anus into the vagina without first cleaning it. Also remember to wash those toys, fingers or penis thoroughly before inserting them. With good personal hygiene, you can better enjoy the pleasure of anal sex and avoid contracting various sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, anal sex should not be attempted casually. It should be carried out after both parties have fully communicated. This can ensure that both you and your partner are happy, excited, and happy. After both parties are fully prepared, you can start the game between you.