How to Get Anal Stimulation? A Universal Guide for Men And Women

Anal Stimulation

How to treat anal stimulation correctly?

Anal stimulation = Homosexuality?

The two are two different things, people who hold this view are not necessarily discriminating against homosexual. These are two different things, people who hold this view do not necessarily discriminate against homosexuality, but many men are used to penetration and cannot accept being introduced. In fact, just like in sadomasochism, sadism and masochism have their own pleasure, inserted and inserted also have their own pleasure.

Anal Stimulation

Two performance of anal orgasm

1. Ejaculation orgasm

    The pleasure brought by anal stimulation is different from the usual sexual stimulation, but it is related in that it can cause ejaculatory orgasm because the anal is inherently sensitive and is close to the private passage. Therefore, when the anal is stimulated, the expansion of the anal brings an indescribable sensation of fullness, and at the same time strongly presses the inner wall of the private parts, stimulating the penis, so that ejaculation can be achieved by the anal stimulation alone, and during normal sex, stimulation of the anal is a shortcut to the peak of orgasm.

    However, after the ejaculation orgasm, the sex drive will soon be gone, and the body is not that sensitive, so reaching no ejaculation but can orgasm that becomes a great peak of anal pleasure. 

    Anal Stimulation
    2. No ejaculation orgasm

      Unlike the ejaculation orgasm, the non-ejaculation orgasm is continuous and can be experienced many times, and the body becomes more and more sensitive.

      First of all, the pleasure of non-ejaculatory orgasm comes from the pleasure of excretion, which is similar to the feeling that we have all experienced at the beginning, but the focus of anal stimulation is not only "discharge" but also "entry and exit", just like repeated excretion activities, and this experience is For the body is a different state, when the body adapted to feel more intense pleasure. 

      Hidden behind the anal canal is the anal canal, which is surrounded by a strong sphincter muscle, the tightest part of the anal, which is controlled by this muscle when excreting or clamping the inserted object. The anal canal distributes pleasure nerves, and the insertion of the vibrator will produce pleasure, so when the anal inserted objects, the tight anal canal is opened, you will experience a strong sense of expansion and pleasure.

      The upper edge of the anal canal is the dentate line, and above the dentate line is the rectum. The mucous membrane on the surface of the rectum does not contain sensory nerves, but the muscles around it can feel the pressure. The rectum is a loose and empty cylinder, which is why the entrance to the anal is very tight and the inside is loose.

      The insertion of an object in such a deflated organ produces a strong squeezing sensation and can be painful, but based on the body's strong adaptive capacity, it becomes very sensitive and stimulation is enhanced when it gets used to such stimulation. And it becomes a sense of fullness, a feeling that you are filled up.

      By stimulating these sensitive areas, a sustained, non-ejaculatory orgasm can be achieved, and this type of orgasm is actually more important for men.

      Anal Stimulation

      It is also for this reason that the anal has a unique sensitive spot in men - the prostate. The prostate is not inside the rectum, but directly below the bladder and adjacent to the rectum, where it can be stimulated through the rectum due to its thin walls. It is not difficult to find it, insert your finger into the anal up to the second knuckle, gently bend your finger in the direction of the penis, and the hard thing you touch through the intestinal wall is the prostate.

      It is as sensitive as a woman's G-spot, and when stimulated the prostate gland becomes engorged with blood, which in turn stimulates the nerve centers and produces varying degrees of pleasure, and sea characteristics reports show that the orgasms obtained by men through stimulating the prostate gland are far more intense than penile orgasms. So the toy enters against the prostate and stimulates it back and forth, very easily reaching the peak of an ejaculation-free orgasm.

      However, there is no very obvious appearance of an ejaculation-free orgasm, and it is not easy to judge when one enters into orgasm. When one feels intense pleasure while the whole body keeps trembling, accompanied by body heat and uncontrollable moaning it means that one has reached orgasm, but when one really reaches orgasm there should be no room to think about the criteria for judgment.

       Anal Stimulation


      Not only that, the surface of the human anal is covered with mucous membrane, forming folds that are as sensitive as the lips, and it is very pleasurable simply by gently tapping it with your hand. Also, above the prostate, there is the seminal vesicle, which stores semen, and the method of stimulation is also to press it through the rectal wall. Stimulation of the seminal vesicles will result in the flow of semen, but this is more like a leak than an ejaculation.

      In addition, there is a more hidden point of excitement in the rectum - where the rectum meets the sigmoid colon, which is the upper end of the rectum and connected to the colon. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

      What do anal toys have?

      1.Butt plug

        The above said a lot of inserted anal for stimulation, the following imitation anal design, that is, be inserted. This is mainly to meet the male desire to explode others anal!

        Most of the name or masturbator cups are imitating the structure of women's private parts, but there are some that are designed in accordance with anal. This toy is designed for those who want to let their small DD experience anal package, but there is no girl or base friend to cooperate with the male and exist. And toys than real people, the stimulation of the small penis and the sense of wrapping than real people to stronger, the user better control the strength angle, to penis better enjoyment.

        Especially anal inverted model class toys, even the buttocks and even waist are restored together, in and out when the hand pressed on the buttocks or small waist, the sense of realism and stimulation is stronger again.

        2.Prostate massager

          The prostate massager is designed for anal stimulation, just like the women's G-spot vibrator, with the head of the stick-up. Some vibrators also have a vibration mode, it should be noted that, because the interior of the anal is more sensitive than the anal, so at first do not turn on the vibration, wait for the anal to put the massager a few times, first stop, then you can first small vibration, even if the vibration strength is small, the anal is also extremely strong stimulation, after adaptation, according to their own tolerance to adjust the intensity of vibration After getting used to it, you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations according to your own tolerance, and along with the anal, the vibrator vibrates back and forth in and out, so that you can easily reach orgasm.

          3. More Sohimi anal toy to explore

            You can browse bullet anal plugs, tail anal plugs, finger-shaped prostate massagers, banana-shaped prostate stimulators, bunny ear-shaped vibrators, and many sizes of anal beads on our official website. We have a blue jewelry-shaped anal plug. In the light, this butt plug tail shines. Our anal plugs look very beautiful. Sohimi investigated the buying preferences of female users, and then specially designed several beautiful anal plugs. These creative anal plugs can bring the ultimate beauty to women. The tail plug has a unique vibration function. This toy makes a woman look like an energetic little fox.

            Whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight you can play with our anal plugs. Sohimi thinks that anyone can play with anal toys, not only because of the fun but also because its massage function is good for the prostate.  

            What to prepare before anal stimulation?

            1. Check the nails, anal stimulation will certainly use the fingers, in order to protect the anal, because the rectal surface is not tactile, scratched also do not feel, so be sure to shorten the nails thumb flat.

            2. Cleaning the buttocks to ensure hygiene while preventing internal impurities from hurting the intestinal wall. There are usually two ways to cleanse, one is to rinse with water, which is more convenient, but the disadvantage is that it does not go deep. The other method is to perform an enema, which expands the anal when cleansing. However, enemas are somewhat dangerous and therefore not recommended if not skilled.

            3. Warm up, the anal sphincter will also harden if the body is cold, so take a hot shower to warm up the body and loosen the muscles for easier access.

            4. Deal with the hair near the anal, anal stimulation when easy to grab. However, the amount of hair there varies from person to person, and whether or not to remove hair will be based on personal preference.

            5. Prepare lubricant, because anal does not secrete body fluids to lubricate itself, so you need to lubricate with lubricant. The choice of lubricant should pay attention to the choice of silicon-based, its lubrication time than the water-soluble long, not easy to volatile, is very suitable for anal use;

            6. Prepare condoms, on the one hand, to ensure safety and hygiene, convenient when cleaning; on the other hand, it can also play a role in lubrication.

            7. Prepare all kinds of toys, will definitely experience a more comfortable feeling, stimulation is also more simple and effective.

            8. For people who are not fully developed anal, using the fingers for a long time in the anal easy to make the shoulders and arms sore, and the advantage of erotic toys is that you can stimulate the anal easier, but also more gradual development of anal, regardless of novices and veterans, erotic toys are necessary.