How Exciting is it to Say "Dirty talk" in Bed?

dirty talk

Today I share with you the words that can make people climax just by listening to them during sex, that is "dirty talk".

What is dirty talk?

Dirty talk is a conversation around the act of sex, including but not limited to humiliation, teasing, praise, etc. If you have already experienced free play dirty talk during sex, it may be just the way you like.

 dirty talk

The British sex writer wrote in his book "The Psychology of Sex" that "the sexual stimulation conveyed through the ears is much and powerful, to a greater extent than we usually imagine".


Good sex satisfies the senses of touch, hearing, smell and sight at the same time, and it is clear that dirty talk is the most important part of the hear aspect.


So why is dirty talk so addictive?


The answer is our witty brain ~

 dirty talk

The brain is the most important sex organ of the human body, and full of teasing dirty talk is precisely able to stimulate the emotional control center of the brain - the island of the brain, to make it excited, to play the effect of aphrodisiac.



Maybe you have your own favorite dirty talk, such as


Role play? Sadism and masochism? Humiliation and command?


Whatever the genre, the right dirty talk can always raise the dimension of lovemaking in an instant effortlessly.


On the contrary, if the inappropriate touch the other party's bottom line or forbidden area, then not only will not achieve the desired effect, but may make the other party instant loss of interest.


So not only to be able to say dirty talk, but also to say it in right way, some skills you need to know!


Some dirty talk misconceptions


1) Prohibit insulting words


The dirty talk in bed can never be with abusive words, not to mention the other body and appearance flirtation, this "dirty talk" may not cause each other's lust, but may get an unexpected slap ~

 dirty talk


2) communicate in advance


Everyone has their own preferences in dirty talk, so it is important to understand each other's preferences in advance. This behavior probably determine the other party's tastes and what you want to do, you can be assured that the boldness of the pitch!


3) Do not be blindly confident


It is best not to use questions, such as "Am I big?" "Am I cool?" "Am I great?" The young girl can only mouth reluctantly agree, inwardly thinking is in crazy rolling eyes.


(This kind of problem does not need to ask her, only when she said it herself, is really very cool well!)


4) Pay attention to the minefield


No matter how dirty words, remember never to bring family and friends in, it is easy to touch the bottom line, will make you in the other side of the heart greatly reduced points~


 About dirty talk skills


1) Follow your own feelings


dirty talk generally comes from our innermost wildest, bold sexual fantasies.


Perhaps at this time you will bring yourself into some specific situation or role, learn to follow their own fantasies, say their own feelings and ideas.


2) Focus on the body's feelings

In addition to fantasy, follow the body's feelings and rhythms is also a door to the "peak of hearing".

By focusing your attention on the sensations of your body, the pleasure and pleasure of intimacy will be enough to provide a constant source of inspiration for your little word bank!

3) Express your needs

What do you want your partner to do during sex? Don't be shy, be bold and express your needs to the person you love.

Dirty talk can often be the key to exploring new territory and unlocking new positions together.

 dirty talk


If you are a couple who are evenly matched when it comes to sex, you can also discuss your role and needs beforehand, with one partner dominating and leading, and the other cooperating and obeying, which may lead to a different spark.

4) Pay attention to the tone of voice and expression

When talking dirty talk, the right words at the right time is always a metaphysical problem, it is like two people at the same time to reach the climax of the same need to master the delicate fire.

Some people like a big fire to roast, and some people like the warmth of a small fire. No matter which one, pay attention to your tone and expression, if this time suddenly out of the play can be a foregone conclusion.


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 dirty talk

This is the end of today's dirty talk guide, do you have any dirty talk hobbies? Feel free to leave your comments.