3 Bad Habbits May Lead to Prostate Disease

3 Bad Habbits May Lead to Prostate Disease

The prostate is an organ unique to men and is very fragile. It is particularly prone to various diseases. For example, prostatitis is one of the most common diseases in men and is also a common disease in urology. So why are many men prone to prostatitis? Most of them are caused by some personal bad habits. The prostate is an area that requires careful care, but many men do not pay much attention to personal hygiene, or some bad habits lead to prostate lesions. Next, I hope male friends will try their best to get rid of these three bad habits.

1. Hold in urine

Holding in urine is a bad habit for both men and women. Holding in urine in women can easily lead to urethritis, while holding in urine in men can cause the bladder to become full, squeezing the prostate. Squeezing and stimulating the prostate can cause prostate congestion and edema. , induce prostatitis or cause symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, for your own health, you should urinate in time and empty your bladder in daily life to reduce the impact on the prostate. Suggestions: drink more water, urinate more, and go to the toilet as soon as possible when you feel the need to urinate.

2. Alcoholism

Alcohol has the function of dilating blood vessels. The prostate is very sensitive to alcohol. Once it is stimulated by alcohol, it will become excited. The local capillaries will rapidly expand and become congested, causing edema in the cells. The higher the alcohol concentration, the more serious the swelling of the prostate. If the swelling is not released and relaxed for a long time, it will cause inflammation. So male friends, please don’t drink too much. For your own health, drink less and exercise more.

3. Irregular sex life

Although sex life can bring us happiness, excessive sex life can also lead to some diseases. Excessive sex life or masturbation may lead to premature ejaculation or prostatitis. However, excessive suppression of sexual desire can also lead to prostatic fluid accumulation, which cannot be ruled out to induce inflammation. In addition, interrupting sexual intercourse before ejaculation and ejaculation outside the body will affect prostate health. Therefore, male friends, only having a healthy sex life can have a healthy prostate.

Finally, there are actually many other bad habits that can lead to prostate disease, such as sitting for long periods of time, lack of exercise, which reduces the body's resistance, or not taking a shower for a long time, not taking good care of personal hygiene, etc., which can easily lead to prostate disease. Therefore, you should pay attention to personal hygiene in your daily life. At the same time, do not sit for a long time and play games, or drink alcohol or have excessive sex. You should exercise more, breathe more fresh air, drink more water, urinate more, and keep a happy mood. In addition, you can also buy a prostate massager toy to keep your prostate healthy. This is today’s sexual health topic. Do you know any other bad habits that affect prostate health? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area for discussion.



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