What a male Masturbator is better?

What a male Masturbator is best?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, a good Masturbation Cup can bring you a different experience. All kinds of adult toys on the market are dazzling. So how to choose a suitable masturbation cup? Well,  next we need to introduce some basic functions of the masturbation cup.

1. Basic Functions, Telescopic Rotation Functions

In order to allow men to achieve orgasm, the most basic function of the masturbation cup is the retractable function, which is also the most basic function of all masturbation cups. According to the price, the manual masturbation cup is much cheaper than the electric masturbation cup, but everyone knows that the manual masturbation cup may not be able to achieve the desired effect. So many people will choose electric masturbation cups. At the same time, if there is only a single retractable masturbation cup, it will be cheaper than other multi-functional ones. In order to bring a better experience to men, the research and development personnel have developed a masturbation cup that can vibrate and rotate. 

2. Vibration + Rotation Function

In addition to the basic function of stretching, plus a more exciting vibration and rotation function, the experience is of course better, and it gives male friends better sexual pleasure. But is that over? No, the creative thinking of human beings is limitless. In order to make men feel more pleasure, some masturbator have simulated female vulva parts at the mouth of cup, and imitated the internal structure of the vagina inside. Designed to make players more interested slowly. In addition, in order to prolong male ejaculation time, a new thing was invented again, that is, the penis ring, which can be set on the penis and testicles, and has the effect of vibration or stimulation, it can make man prolong the ejaculation time . After these functions have been researched, the developers are thinking again, what will happen if there is a female tongue licking the glans? I think the reviews speak for themselves.

3.Licking +Sucking Function

 Actutally a male masturbator uasully have above functions. But If you need to use a masturbation cup when traveling or taking a shower in the bathroom, its waterproof function need to be considered, so the research team began to develop a waterproof masturbation cup. Thus a upgraded male masturbator is created now. Next, I will introduce a masturbation cup that integrates all the above functions. This masturbation cup is also a very good seller on Amazon. The color is light green, which is relatively refreshing. In terms of function, it is 100% waterproof and has a rotating function. Vibration, sucking, licking functions. There are 7 licking and sucking modes, 360° rotation, 3 pussy pump modes, and the waterproof function is also very strong. You can put hotor cold water in the tube to experience different sex feelings. 3d soft silicone inner sleeve, giving you a more realistic feeling. This product is a brand-new and upgraded masturbation cup, and you are sincerely invited to testit. Sohimi, our goal is to provide you  better products, better services, and better sexual pleasure!

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