Join Sohimi's Joyhub "PRIDE IN LONDON" Activity

Join Sohimi's Joyhub "PRIDE IN LONDON" Activity

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced user of sex toys, you always want a toy that can bring you pleasure. With the advancement of technology, sex toys have been constantly evolving, from old-fashioned manual toys to today's fully automatic masturbators, vibrators, and now completely app-controlled toys. All this development is inseparable from technological progress. Sohimi, as a brand specializing in the research and sales of adult toys, is also continuously updating its products. The brand focuses on male masturbators, female vibrators, cock rings, enlargers, molds, trainers, accessories, and lingerie products.

In 2024, we developed a new app called JOYHUB. Since its launch, this app has been widely loved, there are over 1 million users worldwide currently. Next, let me introduce you the powerful features of the app.

First, by scanning this QR code, you can download the app from the App Store, or Google Play. After downloading, you need to register an account. Once registered, enter the main page and select "add device" in the bottom left corner (you need to turn on your phone's Bluetooth to connect the product). The app will then automatically search for and connect to the product, or you can manually add the product to connect. Tip: If the app does not automatically find the product, you can manually enter the product name to add the product.

After successfully connecting the product, enter the game section. The app offers four types of entertainment modes:

Recommended Mode: Accompanied by different videos with varying frequencies, you can feel the joyful or slow rhythm depicted in the videos. Different melodies bring different experiences, and it's worth trying out.

Video Mode: Different videos and scenes bring you different fantasies, making you feel like you are in those situations, craving more and more. You will find the video that suits your desires.

DIY Mode: If the first two modes do not satisfy you, create your own rhythm. Stretching, rotating, vibrating, sucking, licking – you can control the speed and fully enjoy the limitless pleasure it brings. As your fingers move, you'll feel unprecedented excitement, madness, and ecstasy.

Sound Mode: Controlling the frequency with your voice is also an interesting feature. Speak softly for gentler sensations, and louder for more intense ones. Wow, cool! It’s really amazing.

In addition to these four modes, there is an even more exciting feature: remote control. This is a blessing for long-distance couples, helping them maintain their intimate relationship. When two long-distance partners miss each other, they can start a video chat. During the chat, they can connect to each other's devices. Once connected, you can bring joy and happiness to your partner. Control the toy, flirt together, and reach climax together. Even while apart, you can bring joy and happiness to each other. This is the power of the Sohimi app, Joyhub: bringing you joy and pleasure.

As everyone knows, June is PRIDE MONTH. During this month, our Joyhub team went to London, a city known for its openness and inclusivity, to participate in the "JOYHUB PRIDE IN LONDON" parade. Together with friends in London, we expressed love and happiness. The parade participants are loyal fans of Sohimi, and they all use the Joyhub app.

One fan shared their experience:

"I had never used your products before, but this time I gathered the courage to buy a vibrator. Because of this toy, my boyfriend and I decided to use toys in our future games because it is so exciting."

Another fan said:

"This app has made me and my boyfriend, who is in the military, even more in love. Although we are not together every day, we can video chat and remotely control the toys to bring each other joy. I am now completely in love with these toys."

Receiving such feedback makes us happy because our efforts have brought joy to them. If you also want to buy a toy with App, feel free to go to our App control toys collection for a look. Now, let's watch the video of our parade. Everyone's face is filled with happy smiles. This is the mission of Sohimi Joyhub – Bring Everyone Joy and Pleasure!