How to Use JOYHUB APP to Control Your Toy(Complete Guide)

How to Use JOYHUB APP to Control Your Toy(Complete Guide)

As the level of science and technology continues to improve, the adult toy market is becoming more and more mature. More and more high technologies are being applied to adult toys, One of these innovations is the use of apps for remote control. The use of this app greatly increases the fun of playing with toys.Furthermore, today’s apps added many features. Not only do they have a variety of ways to play, you can also add friends, video chat or voice chat with friends, and you can also let your partner control the toy. providing more enjoyment for couples in long-distance relationships and fostering intimacy. Who wouldn’t love such an app? Today, let's introduce how to use JoyHub, the latest app developed by Sohimi. This app is full-featured and offers multiple ways to play. Next, we'll discuss how to use JoyHub to control this toy.

How can I use joyhub app?

First, let's select a product with an app. Here, we'll choose Sohimi's SARAH, a product with good sales figures. SARAH is a three-in-one product that provides vibration, tapping, and clitoral stimulation.

The second step is to download the JOYHUB app. You can scan the QR code below to download it (it is free for iOS or Android devices). Additionally, please enable the Bluetooth function on your device. Once downloaded, register an account (with email and password). After registration, go to the home page. Then turn on the toy (press the switch button for three seconds). Then, click on "Add Device" or the "+" icon in the top right corner. The app will automatically search for the product. Once it's found, you can add it. If the product isn't automatically found, you can manually add it by entering its name, which can be found in the user manual. After adding the product, you can connect to it by clicking "Click to Connect." Once connected, you can start your game.

Four Modes to Play:

Variety Videos: Opt for this method and explore different videos. As these videos play, the toy responds with diverse vibration and tapping frequencies, providing unique sensations and experiences. Are you intrigued to try them all?

Enhanced Video Mode: Similar to the first method, but with more extensive content. Each product features a range of videos tailored for enjoyment. Whether your preference leans towards lively or gentle experiences, this mode ensures a delightful journey.

Personalized DIY Mode: Widely favored by users, this mode allows complete control over vibration, tapping, and other functions according to personal preferences. Craft your own moments of joy and reach new heights of pleasure.

Dynamic Sound Mode: Experience vibrations and tapping frequencies synchronized with external sounds. The intensity increases with louder sounds, offering an interactive and exhilarating experience. Excited to embark on such an adventure?

Apart from these playing methods, the app also comes with a friend adding feature. You can input your friend's ID to add them, allowing you to play together. You can invite them to join in the toy play, where they can operate your toy to bring you sex pleasure. Meanwhile, you can engage in video chatting while playing with the toys together.

So, app-controlled sex toys are not only suitable for solo play but also essential for increasing emotional connection and intimacy between long-distance partners. Currently, 80% of the toys controlled by apps on the Sohimi website have switched to the new app for remote control. Now, it's time to discover the app-controlled toy you desire. With it, you'll find your sex life more interesting and exciting. Hurry up and join in!