Best App-Controlled Toys for Long Distance Couples on Sohimi

Best App-Controlled Toys for Long Distance Couples on Sohimi

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but technology has made it easier for couples to maintain intimacy and connection despite the miles between them. One of the most exciting innovations in this space is app-controlled sex toys, which allow partners to control each other's pleasure remotely. In order to provide our customers with a better experience, the sohimi R&D team has recently developed a very easy-to-use and powerful new upgraded APP, JOYHUB. This app can connect to your toys via Bluetooth and provides four types of playing methods. In additions, you can not only DIY your own vibration, stretching or sucking frequency according to your own preferences, but you can also video chat online with your partner who is thousands of miles away from you. He can also connect to your product to provide you a customized frequency you want. Such an APP can well maintain the intimacy of couples or couples in long-distance places. offers a range of high-quality app-controlled toys designed specifically for long-distance couples. In this blog, we will explore the best options available on to help you enhance your intimate moments, no matter the distance.

Sohimi Magic Egg 2:

The Sohimi Magic Egg 2 is a versatile and discreet vibrator that can be controlled via a smartphone app. Its ergonomic design and powerful vibrations make it perfect for both solo and partnered play. The app offers various vibration patterns and intensity levels, allowing for a customized experience. Whether you're in the next room or across the globe, the Magic Egg 2 ensures you stay connected with your partner.


Compact and discreet design

Multiple vibration patterns

Long-distance app control via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Rechargeable and waterproof

Sohimi G-Spot Vibrator:

The Sohimi G-Spot Vibrator is designed to provide intense G-spot stimulation with the added benefit of app control. Its curved shape and powerful motor deliver precise and satisfying vibrations. The accompanying app allows your partner to take control, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your intimate moments.


Ergonomic design for targeted G-spot stimulation

Multiple vibration settings

App-controlled for long-distance play

Body-safe silicone and waterproof

Sohimi Clitoral Sucker:

For those who enjoy clitoral stimulation, the Sohimi Clitoral Sucker is a must-have. This toy uses suction technology to mimic the sensation of oral sex, providing intense pleasure. The app allows your partner to adjust the suction levels and patterns, creating a personalized and interactive experience.


Innovative suction technology

Adjustable suction levels

Remote control via app

USB rechargeable and waterproof

Sohimi Dual Vibrator:

The Sohimi Dual Vibrator offers the best of both worlds with its dual stimulation design. It features a curved shaft for G-spot stimulation and a powerful clitoral vibrator. The app control function allows your partner to manage the intensity and patterns, ensuring you receive the perfect combination of pleasure.


Dual stimulation for G-spot and clitoral pleasure

Multiple vibration modes

Long-distance app control

High-quality, body-safe materials

Sohimi Wearable Panty Vibrator:

The Sohimi Wearable Panty Vibrator is perfect for discreet public play or private moments. This compact and comfortable vibrator can be worn inside your panties, and the app allows your partner to control it from anywhere. With various vibration patterns and a quiet motor, it's ideal for couples looking to add a little excitement to their relationship.


Discreet and wearable design

Quiet motor for subtle use

App-controlled vibrations

Rechargeable and easy to clean


Maintaining intimacy in a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but app-controlled sex toys from offer a fun and innovative solution. These toys provide a way to stay connected and explore each other's desires, no matter the distance. Whether you prefer internal, external, or dual stimulation, has a range of high-quality options to suit your needs. Explore their collection today and take the first step towards enhancing your long-distance relationship.