Sex is an important part of human life, regardless of gender. As long as the body has matured and there are no other physical ailments, they will have desire for sex. Especially, men are prone to sexual impulses, which are more focused on physical desire. On the other hand, women tend to emphasize emotional and psychological needs. Whether they are married or single, both men show a strong desire for sex. To achieve a more exciting and enjoyable sexual life, some couples use adult toys as a way to spice up their intimate activities. As for single men, they also desire the pleasure that sexual activities can bring, so they may explore various types of sex toys. Sohimi, as a professional online store for adult toys, always provides our customers with a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective adult toys, bringing happiness to millions of men and women. Today, I'll show you what toys male counterparts prefer. Let's take a look at the top 5 toys. Let's go...

TOP 1: BOLE|Penis Pump Enlargement Training Male Masturbator

This product is very popular since it is released at May. Why is it so well-liked? Let's take a look at its powerful features.

This toy is a 6 in 1 male masturbator, it is equipped with 7 rotating modes, 7 sucking modes, 7 licking modes, it is also 100% waterproof, you can use its water massage in water. Penis vacuum pump with 4 pressure levels. These powerful functions really make it amazing. If you want to get a more exciting sex experience, this toy will be your best choice. Its soft material and 3D sleeve, will offer your a good sex feeling.

TOP 2: DARK KNIGHT|360°Rotation Thrusting Male Masturbator

This item is released at 2021, it is always popular with men. It have 5 colors to be chosen, red, yellow, black, green, purple. It is a classical masturbator, have 7 rotation modes and 3 speed thrusting modes. It is very stable when working. In addition, the one-click climax button can offer you a more exciting experience. It also features a suction cup, you can fix it anywhere you want. Let’s look some reviews from customers.

This is pretty amazing especially paired with VR.  The suction cup attaches really well and the noise level isn't loud enough to hear in the other room.  Highly recommend this device.

                                                                                                    --Daniel Dempsey

Guys if you are contemplating purchasing a sex toy I would highly recommend this unit.Sometimes a fella needs some relief and their wife or girlfriend may not be in the mood.This  unit will satisfy all your needs quite handily.First of all it’s very discreet looking, actually resembles a Bluetooth speaker.Very easy to use, just screw off the top, lube up, press the power button and away it goes.Provides rotational effect as well as in and out motion, very comfortable and it works very well.The suction cup base that is included works great for relaxing, hands free action.The sleeve slides out for easy cleanup very easily, the directions are clear and easy to understand.Once clean just reinsert the sleeve, put the cap on and put it on a shelf, how simple is that?I would highly encourage anyone who is considering something like this to buy this unit, you will not be disappointed, but your gal may wonder why you are spending so much time in the Bathroom.

                                                                                                                   --Mike R.

TOP 3: HURRICANE | 50dB Thrusting & Rotating Male Masturbator

This masturbator is also very popular among men. This one is a powerful automatic masturbator. It features 7 rotating & thrusting modes. Different modes offer more sexual simulation and pleasure.  It is also very quiet, less than 50db. You don’t worry it will be heard by your family members or neighbor. 3D realistic texture, offer you real sensation stimulation. It is equipped with suction cup, you can free your hand, you can adjust the base 240°. Classical, stable, quiet, hands free, you are fall in love with it?

TOP 4: ALICE | Sexy Moaning Rotating & Thrusting Masturbator Cup

For some men, they desire to get orgasm in a short time, they’ll choose a one-click climax masturbator or some masturbator with powerful or fierce thrusting or rotating toys. But for some other men, they like it is gradual progress, slowly reaching peak. The fierce ones may hurt them or make them uncomfortable. Compared with some other masturbation cups with more fierce functions, Alice is relatively gentle. It is equipped with a female moaning sound, which makes you feel the real sex activity with a partner. This masturbator has 10 thrusting & rotation modes, you can slowly adjust the frequency according to your own feeling, and finally reach the mode you feel good. You like this Alice male masturbation cup?

TOP 5: WALRUS | Sohimi 3 in 1 Anal Vibrator Strong Vibrating

This 3 in 1 anal vibrator is equipped with 7 strong vibrating and thrusting modes. It’s easy to find and hit your P-spot with amazing stimulation, 2 motors, stimulate your different sensitive parts. Will offer you amazing experience feeling. It is not just a anal vibrator, but prostate massager and cock ring. Beautiful design and useful function match with remote control, you’ll find it’s really good. It is also 100% waterproof, you can use it in bathroom. Is that your interest?

Finally, in fact, each product has its own characteristics, some have more powerful functions, some have a one-click button, some have more frequency modes, and some have a good waterproof functions. Each of them has its own special popularity. So, which item do you like? Welcome to shop your favorite toys at Sohimi.com.