2023 Annual Women's Favorite Toy

2023 Annual Women's Favorite Toy

According to “Daily Mirror” study, one in three women owns an adult sex toy suck like vibrator, 46% women claim they don’t feel embarrassed when buy a sex toy than before. Julia Gash, the owner of a chain store for adult products, said that more and more women realized that what they need is not just sex life, but also better quality sex life. And these adult products, sex toys, lingerie or sex underwear can help them to come true.

 As a woman, I never thought I’ll need a sex toy, but now I am more and more interested in buying a toy for self and my husband. Yes, when you do make the same sex position all the time, you’ll feel it’s a little boring or tired for it. So a new toy or lingerie can make you more exciting when you do it. So, you know what toys is popular with women? Here I will introduce you the 2023 annual women’s 5 favorite toy.


 NO 1 ALFA G-Spot Vibrator

ALFA Sucking & Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator

This 3 in 1 vibrator with self-developed high frequency motor, 10 sucking modes and 9 telescopic modes, 5 vibration patterns, it can stimulate your C spot and G spot at the same time, IXP6 waterproof, you can enjoy it at bath or shower, high speed frequency and soft skin friendly silicone, really take you easily to orgasm. This vibrator is really popular with women, because it not just a vibrator but a dildo. You can enjoy incredible sexual pleasure and step to paradise of orgasm easily.

 NO 2 Tongue Licking Triple Stimulation Vibrator

Big Size Tongue Licking Triple Stimulation Vibrator

This vibrator is also very popular with women, what function attract ladies to love it? Let’s have a look. First of all, the realistic tongue is really tempting, let me want to have a try. In addition, it is equipped with 10 vibrating, 5 licking and 5 sucking frequency modes, thus it can meet all your needs for real sex. It can stimulate your different spots, there are 2 removable cover, it can encircle your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. In addition, there are many different play methods, you can solo play and play with your husband or your girls. Want to have a try?

 NO 3 3 in 1 G-Spot Stimulator

3 in 1 Clitoral Suction & Vibration G-Spot Stimulator

The vibrator for women has 5 flapping frequencies to choose from, which combine powerful clitoral stimulation with vibrating and pulsing actions to make your hands seize on the sheets. You will enjoy the "O" with the g spot vibrator solo or with lovers, turning your sex foreplay into an interesting journey on its own! 

5 Licking Modes, 5 Adjustable Pulsing Actions for Your G spot, 10 Buzzing Vibrations Enable You to Get Vaginal Climax In 30s, Velvety-touch Silicone Super Quiet, USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, Discreet Shipping & Rapid Response

These powerful functions tell you, what you want is that this toy can offer you, fall in love with it?

 NO 4 Remote G Spot Butterfly Vibrator

10 Vibration Modes X9 Remote G Spot Butterfly Vibrating Panties

This vibrator is different from other vibrator we introduced above, it is wearable, you can wear it at your panties, this is more convenient when you are out or at some parties. In addition, this toy is equipped with remote control, this design is really helpful, you don’t need change the modes on pressing the button on toy when you are playing, you only need to use the remote control to change the frequency as you want. It is more convenient for playing, do you think so?

 NO 5 Rose Tongue Licking Stimulator

Rose Tongue Licking Stimulator with Vibrating Egg

 Do you like rose? For me, yes, I love it. I believe 99% women like rose, it is really beautiful and noble. The licking vibrator is shaped like a rose, the cute appearance makes it easy to carry with you, and you can experience the ultimate thrill at any time. The vibrators for women's pleasure are powered by a strong Motor, This item provides powerful levels of licking speed and pulsing vibrating modes for you to choose, which help you to enjoy all kinds of enjoyable and find your favorite one.


So, which one is your favorite, tell us in below review.