Toy Review – M5 Sohimi Vibrating Tongue


I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the Sohimi Vibrating Tongue toy sent to me for review. Upon touching and exploring it, I am still uncertain if I have it down. Join me in this trivial and pleasurable journey!Check out this toy here: 

Special thanks to Sohimi for sending this toy over for review!

This toy comes in a basic box that it cannot be stored in after use. The outside of the cardboard box is discreet and only has the company name, ensuring no one is privy to your sexy purchase (if that’s a concern to you). Within, the toy comes with a remote control, the toy itself, and a USB charging cable so there’s no fuss with batteries. The toy itself is covered in body-safe silicone and uniquely shaped. There’s a larger nub with a licking silicone tongue at the end, a smaller nub to press against your clitoris if using internally, and another for anal insertion. I was a bit afraid to use this toy internally at first (and for good reason, these ridges and protrusions are only really good for those specifically looking for a rougher textural experience and anal play). I was pleased to know how flexible the silicone was, so it’s optional to use the anal attachment and the silicone can be tucked if you don’t wish to have anal insertion during play (which is slim and easy for beginners).

If you turn on the tongue of this toy during internal play it’s odd and uncomfortable. I recommend refraining from using the licking motion if you’re wearing this toy and am unsure why anyone thought it was a good idea to have the licking portion of this toy at the very end, as it does nothing for the G-spot. THAT BEING SAID, when used externally this is an incredibly pleasurable toy. The tongue is smaller and softer than that of other clitoral vibrators I’ve used in the past and actually does simulate oral, especially when matched with the right lubricant. You can use the remote to cycle through 7 licking and vibration modes and there’s a smart heating button that brings this toy to body temperature, something grossly underestimated in sex toys. It’s an incredibly quiet toy, waterproof, and brings you one hell of a clitoral orgasm. Unfortunately, all these different settings cannot be fully controlled from the toy itself and must be used on the remote, so ensure you don’t lose it! The length of the toy is about 4 inches long, 3.5 insertable and does caress the G-spot, but the licking part at the end can be a bit uncomfortable. Tread carefully with this unique toy! 

For the FULL review and information about this toy, check out the video review below!