Sohimi Reailstic 3D 2 Holes Masturbator - Our Top 1 Silicone Sex Toy for Male

The 3D pussy masturbator is already a real eye-catcher. It was modeled very realistically on the abdomen of a woman. The two anal and vagina openings guarantee maximum pleasure: narrow channels and realistic labia that softly enclose the man's best piece. Internal pimples massage the penis when it penetrates, providing extra pleasure. The two channels are separated from each other for a lifelike feeling.

Pussy Ass in 3D

The pleasure pussy "Pussy Ass 3D" shows the vagina and anus, including the roots of the thighs and abdomen. The product for vaginal and anal pleasure measures approximately 19 cm x 16.5 cm x 12 cm and with 2.1 kg weight you can really grab it. The stretchable TPE from which this rubber cunt is made is odorless and free of phalates and should feel like real skin. Thanks to the heat-storing property of the material, the pleasure channels heat up through friction and physical contact, so that an even more realistic feeling is created.The pussy masturbator has no flat surfaces, it is rounded up to the front edge and can therefore be used in many different positions.

The soft and cuddly medical silicone - the so-called cyberskin - feels good and is wonderfully compliant. The skin-colored material and the stimulating pink colored openings make the illusion of a real female abdomen almost perfect.

Special features and functionsThe vaginal structure of the masturbator was modeled on that of a young girl. The channels are narrow, but stretchable. Three different nub and groove structures additionally stimulate the penis.

ParticularitiesMedical silicone - so-called cyberskin, very soft texture, realistic design.


Cleaning the pussy masturbator is very easy. You can simply wash them under warm running water and a mild soap and dry them with a lint-free cloth.

Price-performance ratio

With a RRP of CDN$ 59.99, the pussy masturbator without accessories tends to be in the middle price segment. Due to the design, the possible uses and the material, the price-performance ratio is very good.